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Paul C. Schulte High School, Terre Haute, Indiana

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History of Paul C. Schulte High School

St. Patrick’s Parish had a small high school for a number of years. Many people in Terre Haute had been petitioning Archbishop Paul C. Schulte for a new high school. The archbishop approved the name Paul C. Schulte High School on Jan. 8, 1952. Ground was broken on Nov. 16, 1952, for a co-educational Catholic high school that would serve all the parishes of the city. School and convent were placed under the patronage of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the convent received that name. A temporary convent was readied until a permanent one could be provided. The new school opened on Sept. 14, 1953, with 256 students. Besides six sisters and five secular teachers, an assistant pastor from each of the Terre Haute parishes taught religion. Rev. Joseph Beechem was the principal.

The convent diary first notes financial problems in the 1971-72 school year. Tuition and parish assessments were raised. But by February 1976, conditions were such that the Terre Haute Deanery Board voted to close the school. The convent closed at the end of the school year. The student body organized a fundraising drive that made it possible to continue for one more year. In May 1977, the board decided that the school would have to close at the end of the summer.


Alumni of Schulte High School seeking transcripts should contact the Vigo County School Corporation’s Office of Student Services at 812-462-4224. Unfortunately, copies of diplomas are not available as those are provided only once at the time of graduation.

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