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Meet us at the Terre Haute Farmers Market!

By Michelle Hart | June 20, 2024 |

Produce holds more nutrition when it only travels six miles, versus traveling over a continent to get to one’s plate.

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We’re all connected: John-Michael’s story

By Elizabeth Scamihorn | June 20, 2024 |

‘We like to remind each other around here that we’re all connected.’

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A note from Sister Barbara, June 12, 2024

By Sister Barbara Battista | June 10, 2024 |

“When you think about the ‘homeless’ or ‘unhoused,’ what comes to your mind?”

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The Injustice and Dehumanization of Experiencing Homelessness

By Sisters of Providence | June 10, 2024 |

Homelessness touches every community

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Earth Day 2024 in Photos!

By Sisters of Providence | April 22, 2024 |

A wonderful time was had by all!

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Sister Emily TeKolste featured in Global Sisters Report

By Jason Moon | April 19, 2024 |

Sister Emily TeKolste writes a column for Global Sisters Report regarding the Eclipse Party

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It’s Time to Make Our Voices Heard About Climate Justice

By Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp | April 19, 2024 |

Speak Out!

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Sister Tracey Horan quoted in National Catholic Reporter regarding immigration issues

By Jason Moon | April 17, 2024 |

“Confusion and uncertainty go hand in hand with policy changes that happen and that are complex because they affect people from different countries of origin differently,” Horan said. “Helping people…

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A Note from Sister Barbara Battista, April 9, 2024

By Sister Barbara Battista | April 9, 2024 |

‘Our perspectives have been shifted a little …’

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Implicit Bias Calls to Action

By Sisters of Providence | April 9, 2024 |

Work together to eliminate bias

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Implicit Bias

By Sisters of Providence | April 9, 2024 |

People can act based on prejudice and stereotypes without intending to do so

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Join the Sisters of Providence for May forest meditation event

By Jason Moon | April 9, 2024 |

For more information, call 812-535-2932 or email

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“Without distinction of persons, do good to all for the love of God.” -Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. Join us on our journey of advocacy and action for all people and for all Gods’ creation. Learn more about our mission for environmental and social justice.

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