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Social justice

You are invited to share in the Sisters of Providence quest for peace and justice.

We have a mission of being God’s Providence in the world by committing to performing works of love, mercy and justice in service among God’s people. Through Congregational decisions, individual ministry and within our own spiritual lives, we continue to strive for peace and justice. Won’t you join us?

If you would like to know more information about our justice endeavors, please contact our Justice Promoter, Sister Barbara Battista at BBattista@spsmw.org.

“Yes above all things; justice, justice. If any preference may be shown let it be to the poorest or most abandoned.”

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

We strive to live out these words for the good of all of God’s people and you can too. Please join us in supporting these justice issues.

Climate justice & Laudato Si’

During our 2016 General Chapter, in collaboration with our Providence Associates, we chose environmental justice as an important issue.

Racial Equality & Equity

We, the Providence Community, choose racial equality and equity as our justice focus for 2021-2026.

Sister Teresa Kang holds a love, mercy, justice sign during an anti-death penalty protest.

Criminal Justice Reform

Don’t you agree that everyone deserves the right to life? We have a history of ministry to persons in prison, including persons on death row. We have witnessed injustice of racial bias and many other facets that make our current system a broken one. We advocate for a judicial system that builds safe communities and focuses on restoration and rehabilitation for the sake of both victims and perpetrators.

Human Trafficking

You can partner with us to help end human trafficking. We seek to end this criminal and highly profitable assault on human dignity that especially, but not exclusively, impacts women and children. In collaboration with other organizations, we continue education and advocacy, especially through our investments and choice of hotels with which we do business.


Why is this important?

Stand with us to end unjust treatment of all people. We minister with immigrant families and our commitment to nonviolence makes outdated immigration policy a significant concern and a compelling call to action.

“What we seek is immigration reform that reflects the best of our values as a nation, and helps to build stronger, more welcoming communities.” – Sisters of Providence Leadership Team, 2014

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