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Earth Day Every Day

Every day is a new chance to do something good for our planet.

Each year on April 22 the world celebrates Earth Day. But taking care of our planet should be every day. We hope this page serves as an inspiration and a resource to help you no matter where you are on your journey.

Make a difference

It can all seem overwhelming but simple life changes can really make a difference. See what you can do and then take the first step by signing the Providence Climate Agreement Pledge.

Read all about it

Be an Earth Defender

As members of the human species, we are part of many communities. But at the same time, we all are part of one very important community: The Earth Community. All over the country and across the globe, there are numerous organizations where you can volunteer your time, money or other resources. 

What smoking and climate change have in common

We’re on the front lines of perhaps the biggest battle of our lives: climate change and the need to dramatically reduce carbon emissions by shifting energy generation from fossil fuels to renewables like solar and wind.

Follow the cabbage

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the food system. Because of this Candace Minster has chosen one crop to follow from seed to plate during our week about food and farming, the humble cabbage. 

How land, animals, plants and poop are all connected

It all starts when our alpacas lift their tails. A journey begins that has a shared ending: the restoration of our land.


Who knew how easy it is to make your own sauerkraut?
Growing your own plants is fun and eco-friendly!

Learn how to easily take a mason jar soil sample in your backyard.
Turn the sound on and enjoy the dulcet tones of our chickens.

Calling all WVC Earth Defenders!

We’re looking for kids and kids at heart that are interested in learning about what you can do to help restore our beautiful planet. Pick up a goody bag at the Farm Store at White Violet Center. You’ll get all kinds of things that will help you join our WVC Earth Defender team!

There are many other people and organizations who are out there each day working to make the world a better place. Here are just a few.

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White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

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