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Marywood, Evanston, Illinois

Another successful reunion event in the books!

Marywood Alumnae celebrate and make a difference for the Sisters of Providence!

Marywood Alumnae had their annual luncheon to benefit the Sisters of Providence on Saturday, October 7, 2017, at Westmoreland Country Club, Wilmette, Illinois. While the school has been closed since the early 1970s, the Marywood spirit is alive and well and still going strong.

Almost 80 alumna members from 16 class years attended the fundraising luncheon, and many more from across North America responded with donations in support of the sisters.

This year, graduates from classes ending in 2 and 7 were feted, with special attention to the 50-year graduates of the class of 1967. The alumnae were thrilled to welcome one of their own, Sister Denise Wilkinson, ’63, who thanked the alumnae for their continued support, and Sister Ann Casper, who shared how the Marywood Alumnae Association has made a difference in the lives of the sisters at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Planning for the 2018 luncheon has already started. Mark your calendars for October 6, 2018, when classes from 3 and 8 will be celebrated, especially the class of 1968.

A photo of members of the Marywood Class of 1968, including former physical education teacher, Marilyn Noeth (seated in the middle of the front row).

For more information, please contact the coordinator for the Marywood Alumnae Association, Sue Brander, at 773-631-2466, or email her at branderps@ameritech.net.

Connie Gualano is the alumnae/i relations manager for the Sisters of Providence. You may reach her at 812-535-2811 or email cgualano@spsmw.org.

History of Marywood, Evanston, Ill. (1915-1970)

The Sisters of Providence purchased the school and property – about 10 acres – from the Sisters of the Visitation on June 26, 1915. They planned to keep the name “Visitation Academy,” but the name “Marywood,” was chosen, reflecting its connection with Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. The building and grounds were improved.

Eight sisters came on Aug. 17, 1915, to prepare for the opening of school. About 40 students arrived on Sept. 8. By the end of the year, the enrollment increased to 70. At first, elementary grades and a commercial course were included.

Resident students were accepted until the end of the 1966-67 school year. In September 1945, it was decided to discontinue kindergarten and first grade because of low enrollment. Discrepancies in the diary make it difficult to determine when some grades closed, but by June 1947, all grade school classes had been discontinued.

An addition, begun in 1924, opened in September 1925. The school flourished for many years. In January 1970, financial problems and decrease in enrollment and religious personnel made it necessary to close Marywood. The last class graduated in June 1970. Some local organizations wished to purchase the property for low cost housing, but inability to get permission for rezoning prevented it. Eventually, the property was sold to the City of Evanston in 1975.




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