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We are committed to love, mercy and justice. We trust in “that Providence that so far has never failed us.” Collaborate with us.

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to collaborate with us, through social justice and ecological justice initiatives. Join us for workshops, ecological spirituality retreats, internships and more. We want you to help us in our mission of being God’s Providence in the world.

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

“Yes above all things; justice, justice. If any preferences may be shown let it be to the poorest or most abandoned.”

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

1798-1856, Foundress of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana

“The work of justice, of promoting systemic change that protects planet Earth and promotes human rights, is essential to answering our call as Sisters of Providence.”

Sister Donna Butler

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“This particular Congregation is called into being by God to participate as a community in extending the Providential designs of God to all creation.”

The Sisters of Providence Constitutions

Is God calling on you to strive for peace and justice?

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

Since 1996, the center teaches, cares and inspires for all creation.

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Social justice

There is power in numbers … a group can affect change more than one person can.

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JUSTUS Podcast

Join us as we explore all things Justice.

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Providence Associate Candidate Emily TeKolste of Indianapolis (friends Tracey Horan, has lived in Catholic worker community, traveled to Rome MTG canonization.)

“I now realize that what attracted me to the Sisters of Providence was the personal relationships I developed with many sisters. It was also their commitment to justice issues, especially eco-justice, and the broad understanding of spirituality I found among them.”

Sister Emily TeKolste


“I am passionate about justice. And that is one of the reasons I am so excited about the Sisters of Providence. We are open to the signs of the times and the needs of the world. And we have a holistic approach to that; its people and the environment and animals. It’s all of life.”

Sister Rebecca Keller

“Provident God, aware of our own brokenness, we ask the gift of courage...”

– From “Sisters of Providence Litany of Nonviolence”

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Organic gardening, alpaca and fiber arts internships

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Land ethic

We Sisters of Providence commit ourselves individually and communally to care for our resources

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