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Discerning your call

Are you being called?

Take a deep breath. We know there might be all kinds of different feelings inside you right now.

Might God be calling you to become a religious sister? The question can bring many feelings: fear, excitement, joy, embarrassment, denial, exhilaration, confusion.

We’ve been there. We’ve felt that mix of sometimes-conflicting emotions. And we want to assure you, it will be OK. God is calling each of us to discover what makes us feel most alive. God wants us to find a life of fulfillment. A life of joy.

Discerning together

We would be honored to walk with you on this journey of discovery as you seek to find if life as a Catholic religious sister might be a life-giving choice for you. We invite you to engage the idea. (We promise, it really isn’t as crazy as it may seem at first.)

We call this initial phase of exploring religious life discernment. The word discernment implies delaying judgement. It’s about spending time seeking spiritual guidance and understanding. It’s about gathering information and listening to the voice of God within you.

During this time of personal reflection, you have the opportunity to get to know us, and we to know you. Together, through mutual discernment, you will discover more about your calling and whether taking the next step to pursue life as a Sister of Providence would be life-giving to you.

So take a deep breath. Trust that the God of Providence will lead you to whatever is best for you.

Sister Joni Luna would be happy to assist you in your journey. If after a time of discernment you believe that you are being called to the Sisters of Providence, Sister Joni can guide you through the formal application process.

Discernment resources

Spend some time on our YouTube channel. Watch short clips of Sisters of Providence sharing about their own discernment and experiences living life as a Sister of Providence.

Sign up for a Come and See weekend retreat. You’ll meet some of the newest Sisters of Providence. Ask them any questions you may have about discerning with or entering the Sisters of Providence. See how the sisters live. Learn about Saint Mother Theodore and more!

Schedule some time to speak with Sister Joni Luna, SP, our vocation minister. Ask questions, share about your journey, learn more about the Sisters of Providence and what it takes to join the community. Schedule a time to meet with Sister Joni by phone, Skype or other.

Spend some time getting to know the Sisters of Providence and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods as an intern at our White Violet Center for Eco-Justice ministry. Spend concentrated time learning and working in our organic gardens or with our herd of alpacas. A great way to explore what might be next in your life.

Get to know the Sisters of Providence better by becoming a Providence Associate. Providence Associates walk with the Sisters of Providence while deepening their spirituality in their everyday lives.

Pray this Discernment prayer by Sister Tracey Horan as you search for what is next for you.

These reflective coloring pages might also help help you on your journey.

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