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Social services

Just as you are involved in helping your neighbors, the Sisters of Providence and Providence Associates strive to help individuals, families, groups and communities to enhance their well-being, helping people develop skills and abilities to use their own resources and those of the community to resolve problems. Several SP ministries provide social services in the United States and Asia:

Providence Self Sufficiency Ministries in Georgetown, Indiana, includes Providence House for Children with two family reunification programs which serve DCS-involved families reuniting with children.

Services in West Terre Haute include Providence Food Pantry with a focus to providing a nutritious supply of food to families in need and The Connecting Link, which assists individuals in need of food, money, furniture, clothing and basic services or needing information and referrals to and from other not-for-profit organizations.

Our mission in Asia provides a range of services: physical therapy and education for mentally and physically challenged children and young adults; a senior service center; a Meals on Motorcycles program; and training of caregivers to work in homes.

Individual sisters and Providence Associates also serve in social service and justice ministries: advocating for just systems; visiting those in prison; working with the homeless, providing both material and spiritual resources; addressing needs of immigrants; in street and neighborhood outreach programs; homecare outreach for persons who are elderly and counselors.

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