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Get to know Providence Associate Julia Lopez-Kaley

By Amy Miranda | August 2, 2021 |

Being a Providence Associate continues to remind me that I am part of something bigger than myself. I have a community that I am deeply connected to, even though I live at a significant distance. It is so life-giving to be reminded of meaning and purpose in life.

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Journals and Letters week 43: Jesuits and mothering and nieces

By Amy Miranda | July 31, 2021 |

And finally, what a sweet gift to Mother Theodore. Two of her nieces come to the United States to join the Congregation!

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Did you know? An award named after Sister Dorothy Drobis (RIP)

By Jason Moon | July 29, 2021 |

“Teaching was so dear to Sister Dorothy’s heart.”

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An unbreakable promise

By Sister Janet Gilligan | July 26, 2021 |

True to her word, after her safe arrival at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Mother Theodore had a small log chapel built on a little hill in the forest east of the convent

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Journals and Letters week 42: Put yourself gently into the hands of Providence

By Amy Miranda | July 24, 2021 |

This week’s letters show the breadth of Mother Theodore as loving friend, sister and dedicated leader. She is a wonderful person for offering guidance, wisdom and truthfulness

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Mother Theodore offers support for living with mental illness

By Theresa Tighe | July 21, 2021 |

Some mornings Mother Theodore keeps me from my impulses by saying, “The way is not yet clear, grope along slowly. Be patient. Be trustful.”
Sometimes when I am overwhelmed, I read, “We are not called upon to do all the good possible, but only that which we can do.”
Some mornings, when I am struggling and could use a hug, I open to this, “No one will ever love you as your old Mother Theodore does.”

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Journals and Letters week 41: Oh, Maria and other friends

By Sister Denise Wilkinson | July 17, 2021 |

Although she felt affection, appreciation and friendship for each of the people she writes to this week, Mother Theodore is still able to be firm.

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Get to know Providence Associate Candace Minster

By Amy Miranda | July 14, 2021 |

I was blown away by the Sisters of Providence when I came as a volunteer fresh out of college. I thought I understood what it meant to be Catholic, but I really had no idea. I had no idea so many women had dedicated their lives to the service of others. The sisters that I met, their stories, their passion and their commitment to justice inspired me.

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Musings on National Simplicity Day

By Sister Denise Wilkinson | July 12, 2021 |

All of a sudden, the “celebration” of National Simplicity Day turned into a celebration for the affluent. Why celebrate that?

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Journals and Letters week 40: All will be well

By Sister Ann Casper | July 10, 2021 |

She is inviting Sister Maria to deal with the reality of her situation. To stay in the present moment (teaching music lessons) rather than fantasizing about what she might do.

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Journals and Letters week 39: The loving guidance of a mother

By Linda McMahon | July 3, 2021 |

In struggles we may be facing, we, too, may need someone to lovingly challenge us and guide us in realizing the effects our shortcomings have on us and on those with whom we live, work and worship.

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Pray the Rosary with the Sisters of Providence

By Sisters of Providence | July 2, 2021 |

Join us in this international prayer experience. Sisters native to the United States and Taiwan lead the Rosary in their native languages of English and Mandarin.

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