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Arts & Music ministries

Did you know that the Sisters of Providence have a long history of art and music ministry?

Sister Jacquelyn Hoffman shares her violin skills with the Congregation.

Arts and music ministry has been prominent in the life of the Congregation since the beginning.


Prominent sister artists have created sketches, paintings, sculptures and other artwork for nearly 200 years. Today, Sister Su Hsin and Sister Rosemary Schmalz offer art programs through Providence Spirituality & Conference Center at the Woods. Sister Sophia Chen is an artist in Taiwan, creating her individual works of art and sharing her artistic skills in her ministry. Sister Pat Linehan is a freelance artist in Terre Haute.


Historically, large choirs of novice and professed members sang Sunday Mass and even performed for a benefit in Chicago and Indianapolis. In the summertime, a Congregation orchestra performed and individual sisters gave recitals on the piano, violin and other instruments.

From a historic perspective, check out Sister Carol Nolan’s blog “My life with the Violin.”

Sisters in music ministry today include Sister Regina Marie McIntyre, and Sister Lisa Stallings, organists. Sisters also serve as cantors and play musical instruments for church liturgies.The large choirs have been supplanted today with a small schola of singers for special occasions and a larger singer/instrumentalists group for summer events.


Sister Jody O’Neil poses next to her finished designed bottles, which are part of the Coca-Cola Bottle Sculptures public art project.

Creation Sights

Creation Sights is the ministry of Sister Jody O’Neil, the Sisters of Providence artist in residence. Sister Jody works in the Roethele Studio/Gallery at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. (Sister Rita Ann Roethele (RIP) our first artist in residence, created the studio.) An experienced painter, Sister Jody specializes in both oil and acrylic media. Her interests also include drawing, watermedia collage, sculpture, photography, leaded glass and liturgical design. She sells her work and generates revenue for the Congregation.

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