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Health care

Providence Health Care is one of the few facilities in the state to have an aquatic therapy pool with lift deck to allow even patients with limited mobility the benefits or water therapy.

Providence Health Care

If you or a loved one are in need of in-patient or out-patient rehabilitative services, long-term care or assisted living facilities, you’ll want to consider Saint Mary-of-the-Woods! The Sisters of Providence sponsor Providence Health Care (PHC), which welcomes patients from the general public to its top-rated health care system amidst beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

One of the unique rehab offerings at PHC includes hydrotherapy through the use of an on-site aquatic therapy pool. Therapy given by our caring, qualified therapists can increase strength, mobility, stamina, assist in pain management and encourage a more positive attitude.

The Sisters of Providence have always cared for their sisters in need, having several sister nurses ministering for many years in their infirmary.

Sisters in ministry

Individual sisters serve in a variety of ministries in the US and in Taiwan, in health care settings as nurses, chaplains, outreach ministers to the homebound and elderly, in hospice and as visitors and patient advocates.

Here are just a few of their stories:

Sister Barb Battista serves the Terre Haute Community as a physican assistant.

Sister Josephine Bryan served as a nurse in Vietnam and today serves (in her retirement) at a hospital in California.

Sister Mary Jo Piccione is a hospital chaplain in the High Desert in California.

Sister Eileen Rose Bonner has served as a hospital chaplain.

Sister Rose Chiu is director of Miracle Home, a long-term care facility in Taiwan.

Sister Su Hsin serves in the SP Ministry of Care helping to make residents feel at home.

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