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HOPE winter 2016 — being changed by the Woods

HOPE-cover--jan-2016-webAs seen in HOPE

Being changed by the Woods

avenue-mtg-webTransformed by these Woods

“I don’t know what it is — there’s just something about the Woods.”
These are familiar sentiments for people who have lived or worked at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Most of us have heard these things. And most of us have said them ourselves. Sister Lisa Stallings reflects on the transforming power of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Anna-4H-alpaca-webGrowing at White Violet Center for Eco-Justice

“The atmosphere and the people I work around every day are so positive and uplifting. We’re constantly learning about the current trends in eco-justice and sustainability. While out here I’ve just kind of realized the importance of those things for the future. This will always be my home.”

ruth-walk-phcNurturing to renewed hope and health

“It’s how much the staff and everyone cares about their patients,” Lorre said. “No matter who you are, how sick you are or what your religious beliefs are, they care for you and love you. I felt nothing but love and care the whole time I was here.”

Joni-S-Pat-student-olpReconnecting with and sharing the Woods

“It had been close to 20 years since we had a sister on staff,” St. Patrick School Principal Amy McClain said. “But we looked at our mission and ministry and then we looked to the Woods. It felt like Providence when Sister Joni applied.”

st-Pat-veggie-webA fresh connection

Now, students at the school are not only offered the vegetables from the regular menu, but also fresh organic vegetables from White Violet Center for Eco-Justice through the Farm to School program.

HOPE-info-graphic-winter-2016-changeInfographic: the Woods changed

Photos and timeline graphics remind us of all the ways your generous support has allowed us to transform the Woods into the spiritual and nourishing place it is.

ruth-family-webRenewing spiritually at the Woods

Although the timing was challenging, Ruth feels like the retreat away from her hectic life gave her energy and strength to sustain her. She spent her time at the Woods praying and finding her center.

nate-guitar-smwcEducating toward healing with music

“I wanted to find a career where I can get up in the morning and be excited about going to work,” Nate said. He learned about the Saint Mary-of-the-Woods equivalency program and enrolled in fall 2013.

A history of music

churchWhat can these Woods offer you?

Find out with a pilgrimage. This Jubilee year of mercy is a perfect time to schedule a pilgrimage visit to beautiful Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. From the spirituality in nature to the many sacred places, including the Shrine of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, let the peacefulness of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods be yours.



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