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HOPE winter 2023 — Creating a new day

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The surprising life of Sister Paula Damiano

A favorite quote of Sister Paula’s is from the Persian poet Hafiz: “True art makes the divine silence in the soul break into applause.”

Sisters of Providence presence expanding at the border

“I knew I would need support from my sisters … so I extended an invitation to join me here in Nogales.” Sisters Marilú Covani, SP, and Nancy Bartasavich, SP, accepted that invitation.

Art is prayer

Sister Jody O’Neil, SP, finds spirituality in creating works of art. “Art is a connection of my spirit and the spirit beyond me.”

A new way to raise consciousness and funds to combat climate change

We hope this stewardship will bring many benefits to the community and the planet. At the very least, it will make us each more aware of how individual choices affect the vitality of the planet and help us to acquire some funds to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Practical ideas to combat climate change

Here are some ideas Providence Community members suggested that we could do to combat climate change. Maybe you could join us!

Why the Providence Community?

“I feel drawn to Mother Theodore’s zeal, courage, caring and loving, especially her complete trust in the Providence of God. I want to grow deeper in my love for God and in the zeal to serve others as a Sister of Providence following the legacy of Mother Theodore.”

Sisters of Providence provide leadership

“We … know Sister Jenny as a faithful daughter of Providence, someone whose own life experiences, like your own, have called her to let go in order to let something new come. Thank you, Victory Noll Sisters, for inviting us into your lives.”

Donors, you bless us beyond words!

Your generosity abounded! We raised a total of $30,772 from 110 gifts. We had first-time gifts from 13 people, including seven brand-new friends to the Congregation.

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