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HOPE summer 2022 — Moving forward together

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HOPE summer 2022

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Sister Jessica Vitente: Leading and being led to God

Sister Jessica hopes the Newman Center provides the college students served with companions on the journey in service with one another, to the campus community and the community at large. Most importantly, the Center must let students know they are loved, accepted and belong to the community.

Moving forward, exuding happiness: Sister Grace Marie Meehan

Gracie, as she is fondly called, has always been known as someone who does not fret and worry. A cheerful, giving person, light-hearted and happy. But she is also a risk taker who broke down barriers.

Music, nature, environmental justice all part of young Providence Associate’s call

I desired to be part of a community that serves in environmental and social justice. Inner stillness, creativity, combined with social action, is a walk I feel called to.

Tapping into fresh energies: Sister Joni’s vocation and teen ministries

“Women are searching, seeking, desiring to be in right relationship. They have a desire to be part of a puzzle bigger than themselves. They want to live the Gospel with other persons who are like-minded. They want to make a difference in the world.”

Prayer: Leaning into God

God of this new moment,
I lean with all my weight
and your Providence holds me up …

Sisters of Providence provide hope and healing in a broken world

Sisters of Providence have always gone out of their way to treat all God’s children with respect and dignity. They have always exemplified for me what it means to be a member of the Body of Christ. The Sisters of Providence are a force of healing and a beacon of hope for me and for the world.

Welcome to the ‘evolving Woods’

We asked ourselves, ‘What is our next ministry? To what might we be being called at this time in our history?’ If we believe that special care for those with cognitive changes is one such ministry, before we move forward, we want to make sure that we have the various resources needed to provide quality care to those who come to us and the capacity to sustain that ministry into the future.

Sister Joseph Ellen Keitzer: Blessed by the African American Catholic Community

“It’s been a wonderful journey. I love the people. I’ve been so blessed by the African American community. Having shared their story, their faith, their dependence on God, my own journey as a Sister of Providence has been really transformed.”

Online bonus story: A journey of Providence on Chicago’s westside

Hybrid virtual/in-person retreats and programs reach even more seekers

“The hybrid format is allowing people from around the world to benefit from the many and diverse program offerings. It’s bringing people together in a new way. Some are remaining in contact with one another long after the program ends.”

Annual Report fiscal year 2020-21

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