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Adopt an alpaca program

Adopt an Alpaca! We hope you can help us with an adoption and help us continue to grow!

Use the form below to Adopt an Alpaca today!

Adopt an Alpaca has been a blessing to the White Violet Center for Eco-Justice and continues to provide great support for the cost of medical care and boarding our alpaca herd.

How your adoption helps:

  • Provides fiber used to create unique items that generate additional revenue,
  • Provides a gentle fertilizer that is used in our organic gardens,
  • Provides educational opportunities for interns,
  • Enhances our overall mission to care for all of life’s creations!

A one-year adoption is still only $100 and you will receive a certificate and photo of your newly adopted alpaca! We also welcome you to visit your alpaca!

Adoptions make great gifts!  You can adopt an alpaca for a friend or family member!  They will then receive a picture and information on their alpaca and know they are a part of our mission!

** After clicking DONATE, the confirmation page will provide a link to complete the second step of your alpaca adoption. You’ll be able to choose which alpaca you’d like to adopt and designate the adoption as a gift for someone as well. 


Adopt online here:



Call Mission Advancement office at 812-535-2800 or email ma@spsmw.org if you have questions.












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