Adopt an Alpaca

Adopt one of our lovable crias born in 2019

Jean Raphael
Born May 7, 2019

Tracy Dawn
Born May 21, 2019

Ignatius “Iggy”
Born May 22, 2019

Montaro “Monte”
Born June 26, 2019

Alpaca adoptions make great gifts for children, grandchildren, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers – just about anyone who loves animals! And now you can adopt our adorable crias that were born this spring.

But don’t worry about building a barn. Your fuzzy new family member stays right here with our herd. You’re always welcome to visit.

The “Fantastic Four” Iggy, Jean, Tracy and Monte

Fun fact: A cria ( krē-ə ) is a baby alpaca. The term can be used for their entire first year of life.

When you adopt you’ll receive:

  • personalized adoption certificate for you or the lucky recipient
  • 5″ x 7″ photo of your bundle of joy
  • letter explaining the impact of the program

Adoptions are for one year and cost $100. We’ll send your adoption packet to you or directly to the gift recipient. Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Your support of the Adopt an Alpaca program is truly a blessing to the Sisters of Providence. Every adoption helps to sustain our ministries and also allows them to grow.

Scroll down to see more alpacas available for adoption!

The proud new mamas

Born 6/18/2005
Cecilia gave birth to Jean by C-Section after a long labor. Mama and baby are doing fine.

Born 10/30/2007
Poor Olivia was pregnant for over 365 days! It was worth the wait. Tracy is a cutie.

Born 5/18/2016
It seems like just yesterday Sully was born and now she’s a mom to baby Iggy.

Born 6/10/2016
Lilah is our last mom to deliver this year. Montaro, aka Monte, was a whopping 19.2 lbs!

Other adorable adoptables

Born 10/3/2004

Born 10/16/2016

Born 5/13/2013

Born 6/4/2004

Born 10/16/2005

Born 9/9/2018

Born 10/26/2006

Born 9/7/2008

Don’t see your favorite alpaca? Ask us and we we’ll see what we can do! Email us at or call 812-535-2800.

Adopt an Alpaca

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Questions? Call Mission Advancement office at 812-535-2800 or email if you have questions.

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