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Give the perfect gift …

Adopting an alpaca makes a great gift for a loved one or even a good friend. A symbolic alpaca adoption also makes a great gift for yourself.

The cost to adopt an alpaca for one year is $100, and helps provide for the upkeep of our animals and sacred grounds.

Each adoption includes a:

  • 5″ x 7″ photo collage of your alpaca
  • personalized adoption certificate
  • letter that explains the impact of the program.

You can send your gift directly to the lucky recipient or have it delivered to you, to deliver personally.

Remember, this gift is never “out of stock” and we’ve never had one “returned.” This gift always “fits” and requires no batteries or other maintenance. It’s the perfect choice for those people in our lives who seem to have everything – what are the odds that they already have a virtual alpaca? You can even visit your alpaca when you come to Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Choose the alpaca that’s right for you to adopt, today.

Which alpaca gives the best kisses? Who really likes belly baths? This year we’ve included some information about each of our alpaca’s personalities as well as their birthday, so you can pick the one that’s perfect for you or your lucky gift recipient.

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Anne Thérèse

Born 10/3/2004
Herd matriarch, curious


Born 9/3/2021
Energetic, quick to
learn, loves to run


Born 6/18/2005
Shy, good momma, has freckles


Born 10/16/2016
Funny and sweet boy, loves attention


Born 6/4/2004
Funny and nosy, loves snacks


Laid-back, kind, watchful


Born 5/22/2019
Curious and alert, likes food a lot


Born 5/7/2019
Gives alpaca kisses, gentle sweetheart


Born 9/18/20
Spunky and strong, romps and runs


Born 5/28/2016
Stubborn, spunky and gets her way


Born 6/26/2019
Loves belly baths, inquisitive


Born 9/9/2018
Independent, playful, energetic


Born 5/18/2016
Unique, likes to stand out


Born 4/26/2020
Strong, gentle but independent


Born 5/21/2019
Playful, enjoys sunning herself


Born 10/26/2006
Calm and smart, another matriarch


Born 9/7/2008
Loves posing, sweet gentleman

Adopt an Alpaca

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Your support of the Adopt an Alpaca program is truly a blessing to the Sisters of Providence. Every adoption helps to sustain and grow our ministries.

Would like a tour of our farm? Book your private tour of our farm and meet our friendly, fuzzy alpacas!

Questions? Don’t see your favorite alpaca? Ask us and we will see what we can do! Call Advancement Services office at 812-535-2800 or email ma@spsmw.org.

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