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HOPE summer 2023 — Unexpected gifts

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HOPE summer 2023

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Moving toward the Reign of God with mutual sharing

Just like Jesus’ disciples, the life and mission of the Sisters of Providence rely on living simply, sharing what we receive and the generosity of benefactors.

Gifts that keep on giving

Mary Ellen says she thinks of Sister Cathy as an example of all the sisters who did so much to nurture and guide the students. She said she very much appreciated the energy and enthusiasm that Sister Cathy brought to her teaching and mentoring.

Giving the gift of self: Sister Carol Meyers

“I wanted to be part of the new parish so I could do whatever I could as a Sister of Providence to help it succeed,” Sister Carol said.

Former Sisters of Providence a gift to the Church and society

Donna said, “Throughout this journey I learned the meaning of living in right relationship with our sisters and with the larger world community.”

Gifts to Foley Legacy Fund support the underserved, SP mission

The Foley Legacy Fund, a quasi-endowment, was established with a two-fold purpose: to provide financial support to ministries that provide direct service to the economically poor and underserved and
to Congregational ministries that further the mission of the Sisters of Providence at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods and elsewhere.

Tales of unexpected blessings

“Who knew that I would be calling my cane ‘an unexpected blessing?’ But I have come to realize what a friend it is!”

St. Ann Shell Chapel in spring.

Prayer: God of unexpected gifts

God of Providence, you are a God of mystery and surprises.
Thank you for the times unexpected gifts have come my way …

Sister Carolyn Bouchard’s workshop: a place of creativity and prayer

“Woodworking is a kind of metaphor for ways I have always sought out and found God,” Sister Carolyn said. “What I do with wood I have done in many other ways throughout my personal and ministerial life. I find a fallen tree, a broken branch, a person in need or distress from a storm in life. I do not see dead wood but possibility and new life. I do and did that with persons, too.”

Weaving alpaca yarn: a productive and beautiful hobby

“I like a challenge, and weaving is a challenge. If you make a mistake in setting up the loom you have to start all over. And I’m a perfectionist, so I like to see the perfect product.”

Giving new life to plastic shopping bags

Retired Sisters of Providence in the Lourdes Hall Assisted Living Residence of Providence Health Care are transforming plastic grocery and shopping bags into warm sleeping mats.

Growing the gift of flowers

It’s always so rewarding to see and hear others’ reactions to the flowers that are grown with such love and reverence.

Annual Report fiscal year 2022-23

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