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HOPE Fall 2023 — Touched by the Woods

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HOPE Fall 2023

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For Sister Lucy Lechner, it’s the little things

Nature is Sister Lucy’s peaceful place where she communes with God. She marvels at the little things and enjoys the aliveness, music and dancing of life outdoors at the Woods.

St. Anne Shell Chapel: holy ground

St. Anne’s Shell Chapel is one of the most well-known structures at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. The unique interior of this tiny building is covered floor to ceiling with shells from the Wabash River.

St. Anne Shell Chapel needs restoration

Water damage to the foundation has caused the walls to bow outward. If we do nothing neither the shells nor this historic building will last for future generations to admire.

Touched by the Woods for a lifetime

I know there’s something about Saint Mary-of-the-Woods that sets it apart from other places — it’s holy ground. It feels like home and it keeps drawing me back.

Blooming in the gardens at the Woods

“Growing vegetables is pretty incredible,” say White Violet Intern Lily Seals. “I get to experience this from start to finish. After we harvest it really makes me proud to realize that I grew this.”

Being a Providence Associate has made a difference

We asked several of our Providence Associates to share how being an associate has made a difference in their lives. Read here as they share how they have been touched by the Community and the Woods.

Prayer: the Beauty of these Woods, a reflection of God’s presence

Every time I walk these Woods,
I sense your presence with me
in a powerful and very real way.

Nurturing in the Woods: extending the hand of compassion

Sister Su-Hsin enjoys visiting with residents, listening to their stories, praying with them, reading to them and sometimes even doing a little correspondence for them. “I do whatever I can for them. I listen to them, cry with them and laugh with them.”

We are supported with so much love

During our yearly Saint Mother Theodore Guerin Evening, we offer a special thanks to all of you, our contributors. We would like to highlight here a few special supporters who we recognized this year.

Risen Christ art unique to the Woods

A one-of-a-kind sculpture, the risen Christ was designed in 1989 by the late Harry Breen, noted artist/architect/consultant from Champaign, Illinois.

Honor your favorite Sister of Providence

“Sister Sue Pietrus directed me not only in musical, performances but in life.” One great way to honor your favorite sister is to donate to the Sisters of Providence in her honor.

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