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HOPE fall 2022 — Living the Gospel today

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HOPE fall 2022

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The Sisters of Providence mission: living the Gospel today

Over the past 180+ years, the Sisters of Providence have continually asked themselves: “To whom and to what are we being called at this time in history? Who are ‘the miserable’ in the world today? Who are the vulnerable most in need of our service?”

Sister Paula Modaff: moving closer and closer to God

Where is Sister Paula in her own relationship with God these days? “For the longest time now, I experience God as reality. Whatever is happening, that is the holy,” she says.

The heart of the matter: getting in touch with the Gospel of love

“Every single person on earth desires to love and to be loved; to belong to another in the sharing of life. The power of love to endure pain, suffering and sorrow is so great, that if we lose everything but love we shall possess the fullness of life.”

Archives: telling our story of living the Gospel

A generation that sees little value in studying the past may question the usefulness of an archives. But for those seeking the stories of ancestors who were Sisters of Providence or for those who attended a school taught by the sisters long ago, our records are treasure troves.

Guide me, O God — a prayer

Rouse me, O God, from the slumber of night. Fill me with creative energy and vision to discern how I might best fulfill the mission you have entrusted to me this day

Sisters continue care for neighbors in need

“I just fell into it, but it’s been the most rewarding ministry I’ve ever had,” Sister Joseph said of her ministry at Providence Food Pantry. “We’re all working for God.”

Saint Mother Theodore’s guidance among the troubles an blessings of change

When we feel overwhelmed by the troubles and blessings of change, who can be our mentor, our friend, our wisdom figure? I suggest our own Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, a woman who faced a myriad of change — always with realism, hope and an unwavering trust in Providence.

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