Central Catholic High School was a merger of the existing Catholic high schools of Fort Wayne into one co-educational high school. The school opened in 1938, and Bishop Noll dedicated it Jan. 8, 1939. In the first year, the staff consisted of three priests who were Brothers of the Holy Cross, and Sisters of Providence. At first, the Sisters of Providence continued to live at St. Augustine. In Dec. 1949 they began moving into the new Providence Convent, the former chancery building. The new chancery was to be built on the site of St. Augustine’s after it was razed. By the 20th all the Sisters were in the new convent. The Sisters who were teaching in Cathedral Grade School also resided here until 1951. In 1939, two School Sisters of Notre Dame were hired for the commercial department. They walked to the school from St. Mary Convent. Later two Holy Cross Sisters joined the faculty for a while. By 1970 there was a definite decline in enrollment. Also, the parishes that were supporting the school financially were having difficulty doing so. The school closed in 1972. Students who wished transferred to Bishop Dwnger or Bishop Luers High School.