A message from Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp

Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp

The Justice Coordinating Commission (JCC) is an “umbrella” group comprised of Sisters of Providence, Providence Associates, and others who have actively worked with the Sisters of Providence to address justice issues. The group, which builds on works of previous justice committees, is charged with focusing the justice issues for the Sisters of Providence Congregation. The group first met in September 2016 to organize its work around a focus on environmental justice in the coming five years.

After a process of social analysis at the meeting, the group felt a focus on eco-justice within the larger arena of environmental justice would enable the Congregation and justice partners to address urgent needs. It would also allow the commission to examine how critical justice issues intersect.

(The word “eco-justice” has its roots in the Latin word oikos, the home or household. Thus, eco-justice refers to caring for and attending to the “household of creation,” including people, creatures, ecosystems, economy, environment, food, water, air, and rules that facilitate the well-being of all in the home).

The group has identified four sub-focus areas in dire need of attention: Climate change, water, food supply/food security, and migrant workers. Faithful to past work of the Congregation, the JCC suggested these areas be addressed through the lens of three filters: Racism, women and children and investments.

Members of the Justice Coordinating Commission include Andrea Beyke (Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College); Providence Associates Barbara Cottrell, Ben Kite, Marsha McCarty, Jeanne Rewa and Susan Weber; and Sisters of Providence Donna Butler, Kathleen Desautels (justice promoter), Jeanne Hagelskamp (general officer liaison), Tracey Horan, Rosemary Schmalz (secretary), Barbara Sheehan and Rosemary Ward.