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Mission in Asia

Since 1920, the Sisters of Providence have had a presence in Asia.

Six Sisters of Providence responded to a call to the foreign mission, echoing Saint Mother Theodore Guerin’s response to go to a foreign land in 1840. Currently, the Sisters of Providence minister in two locations, including Miracle Home and Providence University.

Miracle Home

Clients of Miracle Place enjoy a game of croquet.

Miracle Home collaborates with county and township governments to serve an increasing number of low-income clients who are elderly or with disabilities in the area of Taishan and Wugu townships. Located in Taishan, Taiwan, it was founded in 2000 by Sister Delan Ma. Sister Rose Chiu serves as director of the facility, which includes a senior service center with daily on-site services and social activities. The ministry has a Meals on Motorcycles program to deliver meals to the homebound. Miracle Home personnel also train caregivers to work in homes where they give services such as bathing, simple forms of physical exercise, housecleaning and cooking.

Home-based and community-based services

In 2022, Miracle Home ministered to 519 families through home-based and community-based services. Those services included home care, respite care, meals on wheels, day care, community holistic care service and more. The Taiwanese government Interior Ministry and the Taipei County Government bestowed awards to Miracle Home to express the appreciation they have for the ministry.

  • Through the Meals on Wheels program in 2022, there were eight volunteers who delivered 11,284 boxes for 82 elderly people in their homes.
  • Through the Home Care and Respite Care program in 2022, four social workers/nurses and 25 trained home caregivers serviced 226 elderly and people with disabilities in their homes, providing 43,992 hours of service.
  • Through the Day Care Services program in 2022, 71 elderly persons were serviced. An average of 58 elderly persons were served per day, which was an increase of 14 percent from 2021.
  • Through the Community Holistic Care Service program in 2022, two nurses serviced 334 clients for an average of 245 people per month.
  • Through the Services for the Family Caregiver program in 2022, Miracle Home provided one section of support groups which met six times in addition to consulting services, phone visits and home visits. As well, two conferences and one workshop took place to help the family caregivers to have better knowledge and strength to care for their family members.
  • Through the Community Resource Links program in 2022, Miracle Home connected community resources to serve those in need while building a warm community through volunteer services, student internship opportunities, community integration, birthday celebration and religious activities.

Beam Laying Blessing Takes Place

A beam-laying blessing took place for the new Miracle Home on Dec. 8, 2023.

The blessing was given by Father Luo Jiyuan.

“When there is love in the heart, there is a miracle,” Father Luo said.

Following the blessing, the golden beam was tied with a red silk ribbon and placed in the top floor of the facility to be the highest center beam for the roof.

Since the blessing took place, the top floor of the facility has been grouted and the structure of the home has been completed. Internal water and electricity piping is currently being installed and is expected to be finished in September 2024.

The purpose of the new building is to expand Miracle Home’s service capacity to serve more seniors and people with disabilities.

Other ministries in Asia

This photo shows a scene at Providence University.

Providence University

Several Sisters of Providence minister at this modern co-ed university located in Shalu, Taiwan. Providence University has a full complement of programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. The original school was founded in China in 1920 by Sister of Providence Mother Marie Gratia Luking, carrying on the educational legacy of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. The University is now under the supervision of the Diocese of Taichung and moved to its current location in Shalu in 1987.

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