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Linden Leaf Gifts: Not just a store!

It’s time for a pop quiz. Did you know that the Sisters of Providence have a gift store? Do you know where the store is located? Do you know what they sell? Have you ever been to the store? Do you know the name of the store? Have you ever shopped online or visited their website?

Linden Leaf Gifts carries many items made by sisters including these beautiful pieces.

Linden Leaf Gifts carries many items made by sisters including these beautiful pieces.

This might seem like a strange pop quiz – particularly if you answered “yes” to all of the questions. But if you answered “no” to any of these questions, or even if you answered “yes,” there are probably a few things you should learn, particularly as Mother’s day approaches.

The Sisters of Providence DO have a gift store which is located in Providence Spirituality & Conference Center. The name, Linden Leaf Gifts, was chosen because the Linden Tree was a favorite of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin. It is a beautiful space filled with merchandise that reflects the values and spirit of the Sisters of Providence. You see, Linden Leaf Gifts is not just a store, it is a ministry.

When you enter Linden Leaf Gifts you will find the religious goods you might expect. There are wonderful items with the image of Saint Mother Theodore and Our Lady of Providence that will inspire you. You will also discover handcrafted jewelry, cards, quilts, aprons and wall hangings created by sisters who are gifted in arts and crafts. The sisters lovingly make and share their creations as a contribution to this ministry. Products made at our White Violet Center for Eco-Justice are also carried at Linden Leaf Gifts. You can find unique pieces made by local artisans from locally sourced materials.

Linden Leaf Gifts also carries fair trade merchandise which is made by artisans in developing countries who are trying to earn a living wage. Ryan Sheehy, store manager, tells a story about an order he placed this year for shopping bags from our fair trade partner from Nepal. The devastating earthquake was forcing families in that region to separate so men could find work abroad to make the money they needed to fix their homes. Our “little order” allowed the women who make the bags the opportunity to earn enough money so their husbands and sons could stay home and rebuild their homes sooner.

This year wouldn’t it be nice to not just buy a gift for mom, but to present her with something she will love that also supports the mission of the Sisters of Providence?

Linden Leaf Gifts is open weekdays from 10-4 and weekends from 10-3. You can also shop online at LindenLeafGifts.com.

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Mary Riley

Mary Riley is the marketing manager for some ministries of the Sisters of Providence including White Violet Center for Eco-Justice and the Volunteer Services.

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