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Mother Theodore feast day: prayers to our faithful

Sister Lisa Stallings, Sisters of Providence Vicar, during Saint Mother Theodore Guerin's Feast Day 2014 Mass.

Sisters of Providence Vicar Lisa Stallings during Saint Mother Theodore Guerin’s Feast Day 2014 Mass.

After an emotional Mass in celebration of the feast of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin on Friday, Oct. 3, the Woods community is still buzzing with excitement.

During Mass yesterday, Sister Lisa Stallings, Sisters of Providence Vicar, shared the prayer below, written by Sister Donna Butler.

The prayer highlights how easy it is to see Mother Theodore’s relevance in today’s society. We share the prayers to our faithful to remind you of Saint Mother Theodore’s struggles and hardships and that through her faith in Providence, she was able to lead a spiritual and successful life.

PRESIDER: We bring our prayers to our faithful and Provident God who holds us ever more closely when we are tested like gold in fire.

RESPONSE: “Provident God, hear our prayer.”

• Saint Mother Theodore was a woman born in a country at war, to a family in
danger because of their faith. For all those suffering the ravages of war and
religious conflict today, we pray…

• Faced with countless obstacles and setbacks, founding this community in the
shadow of the cross, she leaned with all her weight on Providence. Teach us
unshakeable trust, we pray…

• An accomplished teacher, Mother Theodore initiated ministry to those most
deprived of educational opportunities. May we be inspired to use our gifts to
benefit those most in need in our time, we pray…

• Seeing the injustice of slavery, poverty and prejudice, she strove to
transcend the boundaries of discrimination. May we strive to create a world
of love, mercy and justice, we pray…

• A woman of fragile health, she exemplified the most profound inner
strength. May we be encouraged in our ministry of bringing hope and
healing to those who are ill, we pray…

• Experiencing the conflicts that inevitably arise in community life, Mother
Theodore modeled for her sisters, patience and kindness. May her example
teach us how to love one another, we pray…

• For the intentions of our benefactors and friends, those we hold in our hearts,
and the intentions entrusted to the intercession of Saint Mother Theodore, we pray…

PRESIDER: Compassionate God, who hollows out hearts of extravagant love and mercy to guide us, we offer you our prayers with utmost trust. We ask this in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen.

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