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Religious Life Through the Generations

By Christina Blust | January 5, 2009 |

The purpose of this project was to illustrate what has motivated women from different generations to enter religious life and how their concepts of the vows were similar or different.…

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The Le Fer sisters: Gifts to the Congregation

By Sisters of Providence | January 13, 2008 |

This article is reprinted from winter 2008 issue of HOPE. By Brother Barry Donaghue, cfc One of the loveliest of the early “her-stories” of the Sisters of Providence of Saint…

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A centennial celebration

By Connie McCammon | May 13, 2007 |

This article is reprinted from summer 2007 issue of HOPE. A place to worship — from the moment Saint Mother Theodore Guerin stepped foot on this hallowed ground at Saint…

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Finding a source of fuel

By Connie McCammon | March 11, 2006 |

Fueling the Congregation’s needs at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods has always been of utmost importance, starting in 1840 when Blessed Mother Theodore Guerin, the foundress, first stepped foot on this sacred ground.…

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The bells of Saint Mary’s

By Connie McCammon | October 11, 2005 |

Today, with so many electronic gadgets to keep us plugged into the world around us and calendared to the last second, it’s impossible to imagine, or even remember, a day…

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St. Joseph statue ‘rained’ over the Woods

By Sisters of Providence | July 1, 2004 |

For more than 90 years, St. Joseph has been watching over the sacred grounds of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods from his perch upon the north water tower. On June 8, this 34-inch-tall,…

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Pére Michel Guthneck

By Sisters of Providence | March 19, 2003 |

In the 163 years since the founding of the Congregation, countless lay people have worked side-by-side with the Sisters of Providence to bring love, mercy and justice to others. One…

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Often, some of the most interesting pieces of history are lost in time. These inviting stories are drawn from the Sisters of Providence Archives and the memories of sisters and friends. They feature the many people and places instrumental in the Sisters of Providence history.

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