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A Call to all Justice Advocates

Our Providence Community is involved in many social justice endeavors. We invite you to join us in these efforts.

Our mission is being God’s Providence in the world by committing to performing works of love, mercy and justice in service among God’s people. Through our past, present and future decisions, as well as individual ministries and within our own spiritual lives, we continue to forge a path for peace and justice.

At the present time, the most important justice efforts to our Congregation include Climate Justice; Racial Equality and Equity; Criminal Justice Reform; Human Trafficking; and Immigration.

The sister demonstrators hold their sign declaring love, mercy and justice along the side of the busy highway in Terre Haute during one of the 2020 federal executions.

Join Us

Here are some organizations we have joined with to help further our justice efforts. We want you to join us down these paths for a better world and better tomorrow:

Sister Barbara Battista

Catholic Climate Action Projects (CathCAP)

In 2022, we joined the Catholic Climate Action Projects organization, which established an online fund to help green our facilities at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Learn more about the organization here and read a piece written by our justice promoter, Sister Barbara Battista, SP, about CathCAP here.

Laudato Si’ Action Platform Plan

During our 2021 General Chapter, we committed ourselves to join the worldwide Catholic community in responding to Pope Francis’ appeal to participate in a seven-year journey toward sustainability and integral ecology by developing a Laudato Si’ Action Platform. Read our action platform plan here.

Death Penalty Advocacy

During the horrific execution spree our nation underwent during 2020-2021, we ministered with Death Penalty Action and others to conduct peaceful protests during each of these executions through rain, heat and cold conditions. We continue to work with Death Penalty Action and others hoping our federal government abolishes the death penalty.

Sister Tracey Horan

Kino Border Initiative

Sister Tracey Horan, SP, ministers with the Kino Border Initiative, as the Associate Director of Education and Advocacy. The organization is located in Nogales, Arizona. What can you do to help with our efforts along with others at the border? Read more here.

Sister Barbara Sheehan

Human Trafficking

Partner with us to help end human trafficking, through educating and advocacy. Read and share this pertinent information about human trafficking, made available by Sister Barbara Sheehan, SP.

Sister Emily TeKolste

NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

For many years, we have ministered with NETWORK, an organization founded by Catholic Sisters in 1972. NETWORK calls for the reshaping of federal policies to better ensure racial and economic social justice. Sister Emily TeKolste, SP, ministers as a Grassroots Mobilization Specialist for NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice.

Join us!

If you are interested in joining us in our justice endeavors, please contact our Justice Promoter, Sister Barbara Battista, at BBattista@spsmw.org or donate to our justice causes here.

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