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Racial equality & equity

During our 2021 General Chapter, we finalized our Proclamation of Direction through 2026. The direction has four main focuses, including a Justice Focus on Racial Equality and Equity.

We, the Providence Community, choose racial equality and equity as our justice focus for 2021-2026. We commit to partnering with other groups in prayer, education, action and advocacy to:

  • Explore the systemic roots of racism in our countries and in our own lives;
  • Identify areas of our lives in which we may be complicit with racist attitudes and actions;
  • Examine the intersections of racism with other justice issues;
  • Make choices to rid ourselves of actions and attitudes that perpetuate racism; and
  • Advocate publicly for legislation and policy that promote equality and equity for all.

Join us on our journey to help sustain racial equality and equity.

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