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In the moment

thanksgiving 2Jesus, take my hand and walk with me. Bring me to where you want me to be.

This Thanksgiving, let us practice being in the moment. Let us put down our cell phones, put down our iPads, and let’s talk to one another.

We are all in a hurry to get our “to do” list completed so we can move on to the next “to do” list. We don’t often make eye contact with those passing by. Our eyes are down watching where we are walking, looking at or talking on our phones.

Life has become so chaotic, so hectic, even so violent. We miss the sacred moments that are right in front of us. The moment of an embrace from someone we have not seen for a while. The moment of a handshake or saying hello or thank you.

This holiday season let’s look around us. Let’s open our hearts and look deeply into our world, into its heartbreak. Let’s look into the eyes of our loved ones and let them know we love them. Isn’t that what Christ did for us? Through violence he showed us that he loved us. Through suffering and letting go he modeled to us that life is precious and fragile.

So on this Thanksgiving Day, take this sacred moment. Embrace it with your loved ones. Pray for those who are suffering through war, through violence. And ask our Provident God to please bring peace into our world that is filled with so much unrest.

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Sister Diane Mason

Sister Diane Mason served as director of Providence Associates for the Sisters of Providence until 2017. Prior to that she ministered for 37 years as a teacher or principal at the elementary level. She currently lives and volunteers in Orland Park, Illinois.

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  1. Janice Smith, SP on December 12, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    Thought I didn’t get to read this until we were well into Advent, I think the sentiments still apply. thanks for the reminders…Janice

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