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Intern farm experience: Fiber arts

Farm work is seasonal. In the spring, summer and early fall, interns are needed in the garden. But in the late fall and winter, when the growing season slows, we devote more time to fiber arts.

Each spring our alpacas are professionally sheared. The fiber is cleaned and separated. The best fiber is sent off to be made into yarn. Yarn is either used to create handmade scarves, hats and other wearable items or sold in the Farm Store and Linden Leaf Gifts. Fiber that is not turned into yarn can be used for felting or other projects.

If you have an interest in fiber arts, you’ll want to make sure your internship includes some time from November through February. This is when you’ll really have the opportunity to learn more about the different aspects of fiber which includes things like skirting, carding, dyeing, knitting, spinning, weaving, crocheting and felting.

Alena Ruman, a 2017-18 White Violet Center intern wrote about her love of yarn. “The most fulfilling part of my experience at the Woods as an intern is becoming an active part of the supply chain of yarn.” Read more about Alena’s experience with fiber arts .


If you need additional information or have any further questions, contact Sister Mary Montgomery, internship coordinator, at internswvc@spsmw.org or call 812-535-2932.

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