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Ask Sister Dina: how long does it take to become a sister?

By Sister Dina Bato | August 7, 2020 |

The process of becoming a sister can be long. A person has to dedicate themselves to listening in love to where God may be calling.

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Tony and the NIH: Our newest alpaca becomes a part of history

By Mary Riley | August 5, 2020 |

This past April, the Sisters of Providence were blessed with a bouncing bundle of alpaca joy, Raphael Anthony (aka Tony). It couldn’t have come at a better time. At this point we were several weeks into our “shelter in place” period, so having new life come forth was just the little shot of joy we…

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A worldly trip through the eyes of postcards!

By Jason Moon | August 1, 2020 |

Upon hearing about Caleb’s situation, Sister Barbara Ann sorted through her cards and began sending them to Caleb as inspiration

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How does reforestation help global warming?

By Sisters of Providence Political Engagement Team | July 31, 2020 |

Reforestation is one of the best and most cost-effective ways to limit global warming.

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One millennial’s journey to life as a Sister of Providence

By Sisters of Providence | July 30, 2020 |

Millennial Sister of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Sister Tracey Horan, SP, shares her story of becoming a Catholic sister in this live-recorded video from July 27, 2020.

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Reflections for Profession of Vows

By Sister Dawn Tomaszewski | July 29, 2020 |

Corbin and Teresa, we are happy you have come.

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Ministering on Death Row

By Jason Moon | July 27, 2020 |

‘He emailed frequently. He had a friend who had a sister visiting with him and asked if he could find one for himself. The sister asked me if I would be willing and I said yes.’

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Saying yes to Providence

By Sister Teresa Kang | July 24, 2020 |

A few years ago, I followed God’s call to leave my family, country (Taiwan) and my favorite job. God called me, and I started on another journey in my life.

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Finding the God moments amidst Covid-19

By Natalie Nikolajevs | July 23, 2020 |

I’m so glad that we started sharing our God moments because it has truly helped me to see God in my real life. This has helped me continue to persevere even when it seems as if things are really hard.

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St. Mary of Magdala: Apostle to the Apostles

By Sister Sue Paweski | July 22, 2020 |

Though the accounts vary, Mary of Magdala is the constant in all the renditions. She is the one who relates to the apostles that Jesus has risen. And yet, the popular image of Mary Magdalene is of a repentant sinner, a prostitute. How did that happen?

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You are invited to celebrate vows, share in a sister’s story

By Amy Miranda | July 21, 2020 |

Join us virtually next week for two exciting opportunities celebrating some of our newer Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

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Ask Sister Dina: How many Sisters of Providence are there and what are their roles?

By Sister Dina Bato | July 18, 2020 |

This is the first in our column series of “Ask Sister Dina.” Sister Dina Bato, SP, is now answering your questions about spirituality, being a sister today, justice, you name it, here on the Sisters of Providence blog.

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