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Summer Teen Volunteer Opportunity benefits elders, teens

Are you a teenager looking for an opportunity to meet some amazing new people this summer?

If you are, sign up for the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, upcoming Summer Teen Volunteer Opportunity!

The opportunity will take place June 4-6, from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., EDT, each day, at various locations at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

Several teen volunteers enjoy playing a game with Sister Dorothy Larson.

West Terre Haute teenager Maddie Targett said she enjoys volunteering with the Sisters of Providence and health care residents.

“The sisters are all really quite interesting,” Maddie said. “It’s an all-around fine time every single time I volunteer.”

Her sister, Mea, agreed.

“It is always so cool and educational to listen to their stories and be able to share a part of their day,” Mea added.

While volunteering, teens visit with our elder sisters and take part in activities with them, including card making, exercise and more. The sisters and health care residents at Providence Health Care enjoy spending time with all of our volunteers, especially the teen volunteers!

Here are some additional comments from current teen volunteers:

“Volunteering, especially with the Providence Teen Ministry group, has taught me so many very useful skills. Every time I volunteer my time and efforts I learn a lesson about compassion, diligence, and love, to name a few. The sisters are always so kind and grateful for whatever help we can offer to them.”

Mea Targett

“I do volunteer work because I get to have a good time while doing it. You may think that volunteering is boring, but it’s really not. Depending on the day you work, you might even get free lunch!”

Maddie Targett

“It’s so fulfilling to serve the Sisters of Providence with the gifts that God has given me. These women have done so much for the community that I love, so it feels only fitting to give back in any way I can. It fills me with joy to use a talent I have such as playing the piano to entertain and connect with them. It doesn’t take much to receive recognition and praise from the sisters and that makes me incredibly thankful. I learn so much from spending time with the sisters and being around such amazing women is such a pleasure.”

Pia Carino, Terre Haute

“To volunteer is to be God’s servant for the world. To me, it makes me feel like I’ve completed God’s mission in life by being present for the sisters. Because of that feeling, I volunteer again and again to make the sisters’ day brighter. Making the sisters happy instills a kind of joy that makes each day a little better.”

Evangeline Hutson, Marshall, Illinois

“Volunteering is the one thing that can make me happy no matter what mood I am in. It makes me feel so happy and needed when I know that just my presence can put a smile on many people’s faces. I have noticed that ever since I started volunteering, I have felt more at peace. Each month when I volunteer, I notice that the sisters always have a smile on their faces. Volunteering is truly one of the best things you could do with your free time.”

Madeleine Barroso Guitierrez, Terre Haute

All teens ages 12-18 are encouraged to sign up for one, two or all three days to enjoy spending time with the sisters and health care residents. While you may not know them now, you may lifelong friends by offering up your time and talent!

Learn more or register online here. For more information, contact Sister Joni Luna at 361-500-9505 or jluna@spsmw.org.

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Jason Moon

Jason Moon

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