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Tales of unexpected blessings

Sister Ann Casper and her cane

“Who knew that I would be calling my cane ‘an unexpected blessing?’ But I have come to realize what a friend it is! This friend rarely leaves my side, offers me support at every step of my journey, reminds me to stand erect, cautions me of my limitations and even comes in handy to reach items too high or too far away. A true friend indeed!”

Sister Ann Casper, SP

“A recent unexpected blessing for me has been meeting a gentleman who needed a ride to and from Mass on Sundays during January and February this year. My uncle has taken him to Mass for quite some time and was in Florida during these months. My husband and I offered to fill in and have fallen in love with this 82-year-old man. In addition to weekly Mass, he joined us for chili on Super Bowl Sunday at our home and we have become fast friends. He has warmed quickly to our friendship and offers of support and help. We have warmed quickly to his open spirit and bright blue eyes. My uncle may have to agree to splitting time with our friend on Sundays!”

Providence Associate Alice Shelton
Sister Mary Lou Ruck

“As a parish minister, I was visiting a young mother dying of leukemia. Her husband and friends were huddled in the corner of a hospital room. (In a nearby hospital, her family was with her very ill father). I went up to Jo, held her hand and told her she was loved. She shed a tear. Then, I went over to Chris and suggested he hold her as the end was near. Their friends and I left the room. Jo died within five minutes.”

Sister Mary Lou Ruck, SP
Lori Strawn, PA

“Unexpected blessings abound; we need only have eyes open to see them. For instance, on the very day I received this email, my husband and I went to our parish’s fish fry. We sat, at random, with a couple who had traveled over an hour to visit friends in the area and decided to eat at our parish, which they had attended many years before. Turns out, the husband grew up in the same area I did in Southern California, and we had a wonderful time reminiscing about the “good old days” with our new friends. Random chance? Providence? I favor the latter.”

Providence Associate Lori Strawn
Sister Paula Modaff

“Several years ago, my spiritual director of many years was moving out of the area. I was hesitant about meeting over the phone. Immediately, God provided another one with whom I meet regularly in person. I am so grateful for this unexpected blessing.”

Sister Paula Modaff, SP

Originally published in the summer 2023 issue of HOPE magazine.

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Jason Moon

Jason Moon

Jason Moon serves as media relations manager for the Sisters of Providence. Previously, he spent more than 16 years in the newspaper industry.

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