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Inspiring support for the mission of Providence

Bill Fenoglio and Stephanie Salter

Married couple Stephanie Salter and Bill Fenoglio have known Sister Connie Kramer since Sister Connie was at St. Ann’s Parish in Terre Haute, Indiana. Stephanie says Sister Connie was a pivotal part of all that happened in that parish. Many parishioners used to call themselves her acolytes, for if Sister Connie asked, they responded with assistance immediately.

“She’s a force! If she were not a religious, she could be CEO of a major company, for she has excellent organizational skills, is very persuasive and also has managerial skills. How do you say no to Sister Connie?”

What Stephanie and Bill admire most about Sister Connie is her credo, her belief system. “She says that when she wakes up in the morning, she prays to stay out of God’s way and let God do the work. Her mission is to ‘be Christ with skin on.’”


Bill’s family foundation has helped Sister Connie be just that, by providing some support for Sister Connie’s ministries for several years.

Bill is no stranger to the Sisters of Providence. He was taught by the SPs at Sacred Heart and then at Schulte High School in Terre Haute. Stephanie knew the sisters as well. When she worked in Terre Haute, she used to come walk the grounds and visit the shrine of Saint Mother Theodore. When she did so, she felt so grounded. Yes, so grounded that when she and Bill were about to be married, they asked to hold the wedding in Owens Chapel and invited all the sisters to the wedding and reception. (And, by the way, Bill and Sister Connie jitterbugged at the reception!)

Stephanie and Bill love the work of the Sisters of Providence and “never think twice” about whether their contributions are used wisely. They admire the courage and forthrightness of the sisters. “They are real ‘stand up’ women who really, really live their faith and do the hard work. The sisters have adapted to the face of the Church. They stay so alive and vital. They are flexible and guided by Mother Theodore.”

Thank you, Stephanie and Bill, for partnering with Sister Connie and all the Sisters of Providence in furthering the mission of Providence in these days! We are blessed that you journey with us in mission!

(Originally published in the Winter 2020 issue of HOPE magazine.)

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Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp

Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp

Sister Jeanne Hagelskamp has been a Sister of Providence since 1975. She currently serves on the Congregation leadership team. Previously she ministered as a teacher and administrator at the secondary and university levels.

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