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HOPE summer 2018 — Growing into our future

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Our core values

Trust in God, love, mercy, justice, care for creation, community. Do you share in some of our core values?

Creating hope for the elderly and their family members in Taiwan

The Sisters of Providence Miracle Home ministry in Taiwan provides in-home care, respite care, meals on wheels, adult day care and more for elderly and people with disabilities.

School children’s cards, donation brighten sisters’ day

St. Paul School children in Valparaiso, Indiana gifted the sisters with cards and donations during Catholic School’s week. We loved them! We hope you enjoy them, too.

We need their love for God

“I don’t think I would be the woman I am today if I hadn’t had the experience I did with the Sisters of Providence at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.”

I Am — photo prayer

I Am   One small seed, made up of many parts …

Providence House restores families to wholeness

Today the biggest need is treating problems of addiction and their impact on individuals and the family systems of which they are a part. One hundred percent of the referrals that we are receiving for services for families are linked to the need for addiction recovery especially from opioids and heroin.

Bonded with the Sisters of Providence as a Providence Associate

The sisters hold a legacy of wisdom that today’s culture desperately needs, and I am grateful for the privilege of being bonded to the community of sisters and associates.

Annual Report

Read the Sisters of Providence annual report. Statistics, financial numbers, fun facts and more.

Mother Theodore moment

All in all, it seems Jack has caught the essence of our saint: very brave, a lover of nature and very kind. Jack himself is very much that way: very brave, a lover of nature and very caring. That’s the thing about saints. We want to be like them.

Sisters and interns: becoming a little bit of each other

“There’s no way either one of us could go without being touched by the other after we’ve come in contact,” Sister Ruth explained. “We become a little bit them and they become a little bit us.”

What is White Violet Center all about?

“We understand Providence as God’s care for all of creation. And, so, this loving, Provident God set forth into motion this web of life. And we’re called to be co-creators with that God to sustain and nourish that life.”

A dementia friendly HOME at the Woods

HOME is a culture change. Its intention is to make the entire Woods a dementia-friendly place for both those living with cognitive challenges and for their families and friends. HOME is an acronym for Helping Ourselves Meaningfully Engage.



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