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HOPE winter 2018 — The bonds that unite us

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With so much division in our world, it can be easy to lose sight of that which unites us. In this issue of HOPE, we would like to focus on what brings us together. Our shared world. Our roots and history, perhaps. Prayer, spirituality, communing with one God. Friendship. Community. Let us take some time now to focus on these bonds that unite us.

The bond of friendship leads to lives as sisters

“Before Anna and I were friends. Now we are family members of the Sisters of Providence, with a multi-year friendship base to help me live more freely in this family,” Teresa said.

Providence Associates, Sisters of Providence: 10 years in relationship

“The common vision that we share is love for Providence, for each other, and for life — all life.”

Providence Associate 10 year celebration photos

Photos from the 10 year celebration

Photos from the rite of commitment ceremony that was part of the 10 year celebration

A new perspective on assisted living

“The question of being in assisted living took me to a more profound level. Suddenly I realized that every one of us is in assisted living,” writes Sister Donna Butler

Elegance on display: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods added to National Register of Historic Places

“I thought, ‘it looks like a little piece of Europe was plunked down in the backwoods of Indiana.'”

Visit the Woods

Whatever it is that draws you here, plan to spend time at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. We welcome you with open arms and hearts full of love.

For Sister Suzanne, prayer is life

“Prayer is all-permeating, inclusive. Prayer is ingrained in me.”
“Each day is a gift,” she says.

Prayer: Gently (Providence Prayer)

My Life, with all of its ups and downs, I gently place into your hands, Provident God…

Firing up hope: SP prayer ministries

“Firing up hope” is how one correspondent describes what the prayer ministries of the Sisters of Providence mean to him as he daily faces the uncertainties of life without a steady job to earn money to feed his family. “We have truly tasted the painful side of life. Yet, I have not lost hope for a better tomorrow.”

Shared roots: bonds that unite beyond culture, time and place

“I loved being in the very place where Mother Theodore worshiped in her years of living in La Providence. To sit in this very simple chapel for hours refreshed and renewed me. There I experienced in a unique way the presence of Mother Theodore,” writes Sister Denise Wilkinson.

Intersectionality — what is it?

Today, even as random violence seems to become the norm in our country, there are some for whom violence and discrimination are nothing new. Whole classes of people face discrimination on a daily basis because of how their realities overlap: discrimination in housing, the workplace, our churches, our criminal justice system, health care, our immigration system.

Online only! 2017 alumnae reunion photos

Find photos and updates from alumnae reunions!  Immaculata, Washington D.C.    Indianapolis All Girls Catholic High Schools Reunion.    Marywood, Evanston, Illinois.   Marywood, Orange, California.    Providence High School, Chicago.    Providence Juniorate/Aspirancy.    St. John Academy, Indianapolis.   St. Rose Academy, Vincennes, Indiana.



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