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HOPE fall 2018 — Growing into our future where I am

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Sister Tracey Horan and Faith in Indiana: working for justice

“I believe people of faith are being called to take the lead and imagine how we can be together — how we can offer alternatives to hate and division.”

Photos: Sisters excursions from HOME

Our elder sisters are right at HOME (helping ourselves meaningfully engage) on these fun field trips away from the Woods. Enjoy the photos at the park, visiting the world’s largest mailbox and more.

Growing Earth into the future, from where you are

“Mindful of the effect of climate injustice on the cosmos, Earth, and its people, particularly the most vulnerable, we commit to work against climate injustice by collectively reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by two million pounds by June 2019, and by advocating for strong environmental policy.”

Asked to move for the sake of the mission

“Our moving would help the school and further Guerin’s mission, which is our mission” said another. “It is for the sake of the mission that I responded to the initial call to religious life and I continue to commit myself to this call whatever it asks of me, letting go of my own personal preferences.”

Youth, elders learn from each other

After visiting with Sister Marceline Mattingly, age 102, Jolyssa Cortez wrote: “I asked her in what year she was born and she said, ‘1915.’ I think that is amazing because she lived through so much history in her life. She said the most amazing part of the history she lived was seeing the technology industry grow. After my visit, I felt like a whole new person.”

Blessed Sacrament Chapel: transforming hearts through prayer

“In this day and age and the world we live in — so fast moving — I believe prayer is very important, most important. I get back so much more than I ever give. I get a deeper faith. I’m just a better person for it. And it really gives me a lot of peace and comfort,” said Providence Associate Mickie Lane-Fredericks

Prayer poem: Hour of Adoration

Empty-handed, slightly late, disheveled, I kneel with nothing —
No beads to give a path to restless fingers, no pages I can turn to give a feel of progress …

A new and improved SistersofProvidence.org

Our recently redesigned website includes some neat, new features like “find a sister,” “search for a quote” and more. Our goal was to “provide a welcoming, enjoyable, inspiring space for the Providence community to connect, collaborate and grow in order to be Providence wherever they are.”

Leadership transition in Mission Advancement

Harve will find himself among a myriad of kindred spirits who, like him, support and work to make the mission of the Congregation come alive.

Putting a face on the Foley Legacy Fund

The Foley Legacy Fund is making a difference for people in need and for the future of the Sisters of Providence. The following stories are just a few examples of how through the Foley Legacy Fund you have helped the sisters help others.



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