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10 years a saint! Now what?

People mill about the Vatican prior to the canonization of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin in October 2006. The process for Mother Theodore Guerin's Cause began in 1909.

It is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since that wonderful day in St. Peter’s square when we heard the resounding words coming from Pope Benedict XV sainting our beloved foundress Mother Theodore Guerin. It is a moment I will never forget.

But I wonder: what would Mother Theodore think of being a saint? Would she be uncomfortable with all the attention? Would she feel like it was something she didn’t deserve? If given a choice would she refuse the honor? Mother Theodore once said, “What have we to do in order to become saints? Nothing extraordinary; nothing more than we do everyday. Only do it for [God’s] love.”

My guess is that eventually she would accept the title saint as another way to honor the God she so loved.

May we continue to be guided by Saint Mother Theodore as we begin the next decade of her sainthood.

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin statue

We invite you to get to know the woman behind the saint. She was a woman who faced many challenges, frustrations and obstacles. Perhaps some are the same ones you face in your own life. Let her show you by the example of her life how to live a life of holiness. A life lived for the love of God and others.

Begin your journey to knowing Saint Mother Theodore better at SaintMotherTheodore.org. A new quote from Saint Mother Theodore Guerin is featured each day. While you are there take a moment to read about her life and her inspiring journey.

Plan a visit to Saint Mary-of-the- Woods. Light a candle in her shrine with your prayer intention. If you cannot make it here, let a sister pray with you and light a candle in her shrine for you.

Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, pray for us.

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Sister Jan Craven

Sister Jan is a Sister of Providence. Currently she ministers as co-director of Providence Spirituality and Conference Center and as director of shrines at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

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  1. Rita Clare Gerardot,SP on October 18, 2016 at 9:34 am

    Jan, thanks for this reflection on St. Mother Theodore and for all you do to make her better known throughout the world. Once anyone learns her story, they will be attracted to this woman of great courage and strength. What a legacy she has left us!

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