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Why the Providence Community?

By Amy Miranda | January 12, 2023 |

“I feel drawn to Mother Theodore’s zeal, courage, caring and loving, especially her complete trust in the Providence of God. I want to grow deeper in my love for God and in the zeal to serve others as a Sister of Providence following the legacy of Mother Theodore.”

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The Feast of the Epiphany: A revelation that Jesus is the Son of God

By Alice Shelton | January 8, 2023 |

As I prepared to write this reflection for the Feast of the Epiphany, it became clear. I was awaiting an epiphany to guide my writing. I was certain I would…

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A reflection for the Epiphany of the Lord

By Sabrina Falls | January 6, 2023 |

‘Who or what are we seeking? When we find it will we recognize it?’

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The gift of the present moment in this new year

By Marilyn Rausch | December 31, 2022 |

We are invited to encounter God right now, express gratitude for the gift given this day, and to commit to make up immediately for any mistakes we may have made. We do not look to a nebulous future time to start making the needed changes. Instead we use this precious moment, the only time we are assured of.

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Light Amid the Darkness

By Diane Hartman | December 24, 2022 |

We find comfort in the story of Jesus’s birth — that the Son of God was born, not in luxury, but in a lowly stable, to bring light to the world. But what do we, in this present time, do with this light in the midst of darkness?

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Thanksgiving reflection 2022: Grateful in Uncertain Times

By Diann Neu | November 24, 2022 |

Breathe in Gratitude. Breathe out thank you.

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What brought you here?

By Amy Miranda | November 20, 2022 |

We are so excited to have these Providence Associate candidate seekers on the journey with us! But what is it that brought them here? At the orientation we asked them.

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Welcome to the family of Providence! Providence Associates candidate orientation

By Amy Miranda | November 19, 2022 |

On Saturday, Nov. 12, we welcomed Providence Associate candidates for an orientation at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Over the coming year, the 29 candidates will journey with a Sister of Providence or Providence Associate companion as they reflect on Providence spirituality and the mission of love, mercy and justice.

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Providence Associate Stephen Modde on finding a safe and welcoming community

By Stephen Modde | October 26, 2022 |

Recently, I read that Catholic gays seek out communities where they can be safe and secure. That is one main reason why I like being a Providence Associate of the Sisters of Providence. Being a Providence Associate has enabled me to grow spiritually and feel more at home as a Catholic gay person.

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The Gift of Mother Theodore’s written legacy

By Alice Shelton | October 24, 2022 |

We know Mother Theodore because she wrote. The storyteller in Mother Theodore shines clearly today as so many of us make use of what she left for us. We speak of Providence in our lives with the quiet confidence of children who learned at the feet of a loving parent.

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Celebrating our many foundations this Foundation Day

By Sister Sue Paweski | October 22, 2022 |

The founding sisters arrived at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods late in the evening on Oct. 22, 1840. They were expecting a convent and a school. Instead they found a dense woods with no buildings in sight. There had been a storm that lasted 36 hours the previous days. The sisters arrived in damp clothes, hungry and tired.

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Saint Mother Theodore: a humble servant of God

By Marilyn Rausch | October 21, 2022 |

Sister St. Theodore, her given name as a Sister of Providence, accepted with humility her assignments. Even so when they were difficult, providentially acquiring new knowledge along the way that would benefit her in God’s plans for her future.

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Get a feel for who the Providence Associate community is and find inspiration in these stories. Reflections, poetry, articles and more by and about Providence Associates. Are you being called to walk with the Sisters of Providence as a Providence Associate?

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