new-members-trees-webTake a deep breath.

We know there might be all kinds of different feelings inside you right now. Might God be calling you to become a religious sister? The question can bring lots of feelings: fear, excitement, joy, terror, embarrassment, denial, exhilaration, confusion.

We’ve been there. We’ve felt that mix of sometimes-conflicting emotions. And we want to assure you, it will be OK. God is calling each of us to discover what makes us feel most alive. God wants us to find a life of fulfillment. A life of joy.

We would be honored to walk with you on this journey of discovery as you seek to find if life as a Catholic religious sister might be a life-giving choice for you.

Take a deep breath. Trust that the God of Providence will lead you to whatever is best for you.

Contact Sister Editha Ben at or 812-230-4771 if you wish for personal support and resources. Or, just take some time and explore our website. God bless you on your journey.

Prayer for guidance

By Sister Tracey Horan

Beloved, You who companion me on the journey,
May every step I take
be made sacred by your guiding presence.

In moments when I worry that my gifts may not be enough,
remind me that
there are many gifts,
but the same spirit,
different forms of service,
but the same Source of Love.

At times when the way ahead,
or even the next step,
seems unclear,
assure me that You know what is to come;
that You envision
a plan to prosper me and not to harm me,
to give me a future full of hope.

When fear of the unknown
keeps me from acting
with love and freedom,
whisper again to me that
You will make a way in the desert,
that you will make the rough places smooth.

Amid my impatience to know what’s next,
remind me that indeed
There is a time for everything under the sun,
that now, too, is a very acceptable time.

As I seek to embrace the call emerging within me,
help me to know deeply your Abiding Presence
who came that I might have life
and have it to the full.

When I am burdened by the anxiety
that comes with newness and change,
touch my heart with the words,
Consider the birds in the sky;
they don’t sow or reap, yet they are provided for.

Source of all that I am,
As I move into the wholeness that beckons me,
Speak to me again
the breadth and length
and height and depth
of your Love,
A Love which surpasses all understanding;
A Love which is able to accomplish far more
than all I ask or imagine.