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Jesus the Breath of Life, our Hope: a nurse’s prayer during coronavirus

As all humankind shelters from the breath of the dragon of coronavirus,
Nurses are called to care for the victims deprived of life-giving air.
Their patient’s breath infected, contaminating our space.
May God assist us to expand the lungs with the oxygen of life.

Protective gear and gown is a shield of body but not the soul.
Fuel our Spirit with Jesus’ goodness, our source of healing.
May this layer of protection never be a separation of compassion.
With so many sick, help us to give quality when unable to give time.

Breathe in us, Jesus, your essence of life to all.

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Sister Josephine Bryan

Sister Josephine Bryan is a registered nurse. She has a degree in education from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, and a bachelor's and master's degree in nursing from St. Xavier College, Chicago, and Indiana University. She has served in Indiana, Illinois, California, Washington, D.C., Wisconsin and Vietnam. She currently ministers in health care in Apple Valley, California.

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