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Saint Mother Theodore’s Legacy Lives: Giving Day 2022

Give a gift in October and you’ll be a Legacy Giving Day donor! This giving day (officially Oct. 18) celebrates Mother Theodore’s milestones (birthday (10/2), Feast Day (10/3) and Foundation Day (10/22)) and how Saint Mother Theodore Guerin ministered to those needing education, medicine, free schooling and more. It also highlights the way the Sisters of Providence move her legacy forward today.

Your gift honors the strong foundation that Mother Theodore built – by supporting our ministries today like care for our elder sisters, education, outreach to the poor and displaced, physical, emotional and spiritual healing and addressing needs of the times.

We can’t do this work alone. Thank you for considering a gift this October.

Special gift to our Legacy Giving donors: You will receive a stand-up, cardboard, tabletop rendering of Saint Mother Theodore Guerin, measuring 7 1/8-inches high as a reminder of your special relationship to her, and the Sisters of Providence.

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