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New Lights from Old TruthsNew Lights from Old Truths: Living the Signs of the Times

Fourth in the series chronicling the history of the Congregation of the Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods, Indiana, the volume covers the period of expansion between 1926 and 1966, a period when hundreds of thousands of children were the beneficiaries of the Catholic school system in the United States. Many will be able to identify with the educational setting described in these pages. At times the students and graduates may have wondered what life was like for the women in the front of the classroom. The photos, memoirs, diaries and correspondence that were drawn from to assemble this narrative will enable the reader to understand and appreciate religious life from the perspective of those who lived it during these years. The wider picture of how congregations of women religious function within the Catholic Church emerges through descriptions of dealings with officials in Rome and with bishops in the United States, as well as with the network of various Catholic organizations such as the National Catholic Education Association. In addition to the sisters themselves, the reader will meet the men and women whose generous contributions of time, money and contacts were essential to the success of the educational mission. Side by side with the administrative and organizational work of the superiors that provides the backbone of the narrative are stories of daily life. New Lights from Old Truths: Live the Signs of the Times is available in our online gift shop.

Saint Theodora and Her Promise to GodSaint Theodora and Her Promise to God

Some people know right from the start what they want to be when they grow up. It was that way for Saint Theodora (Saint Mother Theodore Guerin). She was only ten years old when she promised God that she would do whatever God asked of her. She always believed that would be done best by becoming a religious sister.

What she did not know was that her promise would take her to the American frontier where she and her fellow sisters founded a school for the higher learning of women and the Sisters of Providence religious community of Indiana, both of which continue to this day, as well as Catholic schools throughout Indiana and Illinois, an orphanage, and free pharmacies.

Beautifully illustrated and fun to read, Saint Theodora and Her Promise to God, is an inspiring story of how one little girl followed God’s call. Saint Theodora’s legacy of faith changed the course of young pioneers in the wilderness of Indiana in the mid-1800s and continues to do so today. The book is available for purchase in our online gift shop. You can purchase the ebook at Amazon.