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HOPE winter 2022 — Creating space for new light

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HOPE winter 2022

As seen in HOPE:

“You will see many things in new lights if you give the Holy Spirit free access to your minds and your hearts.”

— Saint Mother Theodore Guerin

Sister Kathleen Bernadette Smith: love of God strengthens love of others

One of Sister Kate’s big worries today is concern that the Church has stopped some of its outreach to young people. Sister Kate’s deepest prayer is that we, as a Providence Community, will figure out how to do an even better job of reaching out to students here and elsewhere to encourage them to practice their faith and to help them know and understand how to live a spiritual life.

Anti-Racism: the Providence Community’s justice focus for 2021-2026

We commit to partnering with other groups in prayer, education, action and advocacy to: – explore the systemic roots of racism in our countries and in our own lives; – identify areas of our lives in which we may be complicit with racist attitudes and actions …

Looking racism in the eye: there is still much to do

My home town was a small city that did not permit African-Americans within the city limits after dark. The deed to our house did not allow us to sell our house to anyone of African-American descent.

Prayer: a Sisters of Providence ministry dear to the heart

“The Sisters are my go to pray-ers! I am a firm believer in the power of prayer, so I’ll ask anyone who cares enough to pray for someone. Storm the heavens!”

Let the Sisters of Providence pray for you!

Here are some of the many ways to request prayers from the Sisters of Providence.

A new leadership team for the Sisters of Providence

The Chapter meeting culminated in the election of the Congregation’s Leadership Team of the next five years.

And now, a brief word from O’Shaughnessy Dining Hall

I am still a place of tranquil symmetry and classic beauty, and sometimes I think I can hear faint echoes of the chatter, laughter, music and ritual that for 100 years have filled this special space. I wait in eager expectation to learn what my next role will be.

What’s next for O’Shaughnessy Dining Hall?

So, we invite you to put on your creative thinking cap and help us brainstorm! Do you have suggestions for uses of O’Shaughnessy Dining Hall that will help provide income needed to sustain the building and ministries of the Woods?

Woods Core Class brings students, sisters together

I shared with them information about our spirituality, our current ministries, justice efforts and values. I answered their questions about religious life and shared my personal experience of this life.

Providence Community commits to develop Laudato Si’ Action Platform

The commitment that Sister Dawn signed on behalf of the Providence Community states, among other points, that the Sisters of Providence are willing “To take up the urgent appeal of Laudato Si’ to listen and respond to the lurings of Providence to attend to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor by making it a community priority.”

The Roads of Saint Mary’s

This renaming of roads was necessary in order for the Woods to be enrolled in the County Emergency System. In the past, when there was an emergency, a member of the security staff had to wait at the gate to direct the emergency vehicles.

Online only! Meaningful new names for the roads of Saint Mary’s

The names of its winding roads can tell us much about the culture and history of the Sisters of Providence and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College.

The Woods continues to call

For others who have chosen Providence Community Cemetery for cremains interment, the place itself — Saint Mary-of-the-Woods — is the attraction.

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