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The Sisters of Providence count on you

Do you feel your gifts have an impact on the Sisters of Providence mission and ministries? We asked many of our supporters this question. Some felt their gifts were too small to make a difference. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Your gift, no matter the size, is needed.

For the Sisters of Providence, small gifts make a huge difference. Last year, gifts of $10, $20 and $50 helped provide over $150,000 to continue the mission of the Sisters of Providence. All gifts add up and help us carry out our ministries and care for our retired sisters.

The Sisters of Providence are blessed to have so many of you sharing what you can, when you can, with us. No gift is too small to have impact.

For many of us, writing a $100 or $200 check is not in the budget. Monthly giving is a great way to increase your support by making smaller gifts each month. Monthly giving is easy and makes a big impact. For example, if you shared $10 or $20 each month, over the year you will have helped with $120 or $240. Signing up to be a monthly donor is safe, secure and easy. In addition, if your ability to give changes, you can also stop or change your giving anytime with one phone call.

The unfailing gifts from you, our partners in Providence, at all levels, help to sustain the mission, ministries and sacred spaces of the Congregation. Simply put — without our donors, we could not continue our mission to bring love, mercy and justice to people in need.

More easy ways to make a difference

Do you search the web? Try Good Search! Good Search donates a portion of its advertising search revenue to your favorite charity every time you use it to look something up. You can earn a penny every time you search the internet. This may sound small until we consider how many of us search the internet for work or pleasure. When we all act together we make a tremendous difference!

Do you shop on Amazon? You can help the sisters by using Amazon Smile. AmazonSmile.com is a website operated by Amazon with the same products, prices and features as Amazon.com. The benefit of using AmazonSmile is that the AmazonSmile foundation will donate 0.5% of your purchase price to the Sisters of Providence when you choose us as your designated charity. How much money could we raise if we all used AmazonSmile?

Share some HOPE! Do you know someone who might like to read the very magazine you are holding? You can share the accompanying slip in this magazine with friends and family members so they can sign up to receive HOPE and learn more about the Sisters of Providence.

You truly can make a difference by making a gift that fits your budget, using Good Search, shopping online using AmazonSmile and sharing the magazine in your hand. Imagine the impact if we use all four options!

Continued blessings

You can become a monthly donor by signing up online at Donate.SistersofProvidence.org or by calling 812-535-2804 or emailing ma@spsmw.org to set up a recurring gift.

(Originally published in the Winter 2019 issue of HOPE magazine.)

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Zach Pies

Zach Pies

Zach Pies was part of the Mission Advancement team for the Sisters of Providence. He has been coming to the Woods since he was 6 years old. Zach still enjoys sharing the stories, mission and ministries of the sisters with friends.

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