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Women share why they are exploring life as a Sister of Providence

Religious life is very much alive! We are breaking boundaries in our society, and in the world. We continue to invite young women to join the mission.

And we Sisters of Providence are excited to see a new wave of young people seeking something more.

Twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, the sisters invite single, Catholic women ages 18-42 to attend a Come and See weekend retreat to explore if life as a Sister of Providence might be for them.

This past April, we had 17 women attend the Come and See retreat! We were ecstatic at the great amount of interest. We were also impressed with the women who attended and what they had to say.

Why did they come? Here are some of their reasons.

“To meet sisters in person and get to speak with them. To see if it was a possible fit for me.”

“I just love visiting with the sisters and the feeling of peace when you walk on the campus.”

“It was a spontaneous decision. I found the website, thought the community looked amazing, and this was just around the corner. Religious life has been an open question for me for a while, so I thought, why not go and see?”

“My main inspiration was the Congregation itself.”

“To find God’s path for me.”

“I was seeking purpose.”

“I’m in a time of transition and discerning about where God is calling me to next.”

What did the women say they enjoyed about the weekend?

“Getting to connect with the Sisters of Providence at meals, having them come pray with us.”

“All the conversations, the beautiful setting, the ability to ask honest and open questions.”

“Community with other young women and the sisters; social time in the evenings; learning a new style of prayer.”

“Everyone was so welcoming, I felt at home.”

“My favorite part was meeting everyone and learning about the charism.”

“Lovely scenery and enriching personal spirituality/worth.”

“I love that I was able to understand what it’s like to live and be a sister. I really enjoyed small groups and social conversations with sisters in initial formation.”

“I loved EVERYTHING! I especially loved getting to ask some of the younger sisters questions at the Inn, then getting to play games afterward.”

We asked what about the Sisters of Providence attracts them or resonates with them. They said,

“The feeling of Home. How all the Sisters are so welcoming and hospitable. I feel that I really connect with the Sisters of Providence.”

“The peace and love of the community.”

“Love, Mercy and Justice. The compassion and acceptance of the sisters.”

“I like their deep and beautiful understanding of God — how it connects them to others, the Earth and art. There is so much life and creativity flooding from the SPs and it resonates with my soul. I also love their social justice.”

“The kind of friendship they share with one another.”

“The family feel, the humor and the ministries that help those in need.”

“They don’t try to hide things that they think can be improved at this place.”

“The mission of peace and justice.”

“I love the sense of community and I love the progressiveness. There is so much love and there is so much joy.”

Spread the word!

We are so blessed to be able to share with others the joy we find in our lives as Sisters of Providence. Please keep in your prayers these women and all others who are exploring where God is leading them.

Our next Come and See weekend is Oct. 26-28 at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Please help us spread the word! Invite women you know who are exploring possibilities for their lives. Find out more at ComeandSee.SistersofProvidence.org You can also find a flyer you can print and post here.

Thank you for helping us share our joy with others!

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Sister Editha Ben

Sister Editha Ben

Sister Editha Ben currently ministers in the Congregation's Mission Advancement Department.

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