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Keep on being sisterly: school children support sisters with cards and money

This National Catholic Sisters Week, the Sisters of Providence are thankful for students and staff at St. Paul Catholic School in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Several weeks ago we received a large envelope with cards, drawings and notes from the students and staff there. It also included a donation of $674 to support the Sisters of Providence! We are so grateful for the financial and moral support.

Smiles, exclamations, chuckles and merriment abounded when sisters at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods gathered to view the cards.

St. Paul Principal Jane Scupham said they had hoped the gesture would bring the sisters joy. No sisters have taught at the school in about 25 years. This outreach was a way for the students in grades kindergarten to eight to learn about and connect with sisters, she said. The students today only really know of sisters through the stories their teachers tell. Fourth grade teacher Kathy Olson graduated from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. The Sisters of Providence are near and dear to her heart and she suggested they be the order the school connect with.

Sisters of Providence have not ministered at St. Paul School since 1901. But in 2018 the children of St. Paul sure made our day!

Thanks to all the students and staff of St. Paul School in Valparaiso for making us feel loved and appreciated.


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Amy Miranda

Amy Miranda is a Providence Associate of the Sisters of Providence and a staff member in their Mission Advancement office. Amy is a 1998 graduate of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College. She currently manages the SP publication HOPE and works on marketing support for Providence Associates, new membership and Saint Mother Theodore Guerin.

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