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You help Providence in the Desert make a difference!

Here we are again! We at Providence in the Desert are still teaching English to immigrants in California, helping them have a better quality of life, and, as always, ever grateful for your help.

Imagine what it would be like coming to a new country, trying to make a better life for yourself and for your children. Imagine how difficult that would be if everyone around you spoke a language you did not know.

Sister Loretta Picucci, at left, teaches English to Mexican immigrants in one of their homes in southerin California as part of her ministry at Providence in the Desert

Sister Loretta Picucci, at back left, teaches English to Mexican immigrants in one of their homes in southern California as part of her ministry at Providence in the Desert.

This year I’m teaching a basic English class at Oasis School in Thermal, California, where we have four evening classes each week. I’m doing this because I like it so much; it’s energizing and so much fun! We bring English language instruction to immigrant field laborers at times and places that fit their busy work lives and lack of resources. We help them not only to survive but to thrive in their new country.

Because of your support, a parent can now speak confidently to her child’s teacher. A grandmother can understand what her doctor tells her about her health. A laborer can understand the people he works for, allowing him a better job.

We see first-hand just what a difference learning the English language makes in the lives of our students. And because of you, we are able to keep bringing this life-changing education to our students.

We simply couldn’t do it without you. And so once again I am coming to you with my hat in my hands. Can you please make a donation to help Providence in the Desert continue to change lives?

A few days ago, students brought photos to class so they could practice saying things like, “This is my son” or “This is my daughter” in English. One student, Marcela, brought the photo shown below; it’s from last year’s Providence in the Desert Christmas party. Marcela has studied English before, but she continues to attend classes to be sure she hasn’t missed anything.

PID student Marcela and her family

One of Sister Carol Nolan’s students, Marcela (back left), recently brought this photo of her family to class with her, as they were practicing the English words related to family. This photo was taken at Providence in the Desert’s 2014 Christmas party.

Not too long ago, a couple came to class just one time and then didn’t come back. When I went to their home to find out why, I learned that their 2-year-old son cried constantly from the time Daddy left until the time he got home. It seems he follows Daddy around everyplace when Daddy is home at night. So Daddy said, “I really want to do this! But we’ll wait till next year when he is a little older.” I assured him I’d look him up next year.

Thanks to you, we will be here next year when Daddy is ready to learn English. We are here to support families who are struggling. Many of our students bring their children to class with them. Sister Loretta, a former elementary teacher, loves to work in teaching nursery rhymes to the parents so they can them use with their children. Our work makes a difference not only in the lives of parents, but also in the lives of their children.

It is so rewarding to do this! Truly, I wish everyone could get to know these beautiful people. Click here to view a photo album from the ministry for a glimpse of who we’re helping. This video of Sister Loretta at work shows some of what we do.

Forces often beyond their control have made our students poor, but it is not beyond our control to help them improve their lives. There are many ways. Educating them is our way. We know how to do this, and we couldn’t do it without your help.

Your donation today will go directly to help people like Marcela and her family. Like “Daddy” and his 2-year-old. 

Your donation helps us buy the excellent books used by our students. Your donation also helps us provide stipends to some of our dedicated teachers. Their work is not a “sometimes here, sometimes not” arrangement. They are here, prepared to teach, two evenings a week, every week. All of them drive a long distance on dark roads to get here. Your donation makes it possible for them to bring their teaching skills to our students.

Your gift helps us empower people and change lives. Your gift is tax-deductible. Your gift will make a real difference.

On behalf of Marcela, “Daddy,” and all of our students, we thank you for anything you can do to help. And be assured that you are always in our prayers.

-Sisters Carol and Loretta

P.S. – Please make a big difference in the lives of our students this holiday season by donating online or by mailing a check to:

Providence in the Desert
c/o Sisters Carol Nolan and Loretta Picucci
48665 Agua Caliente Street
Coachella, CA  92236-6363

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Sister Carol Nolan

Sister Carol Nolan

Sister Carol Nolan recently retired from ministering at Providence in the Desert in Coachella, California, a ministry she founded in 2002. She currently lives and volunteers at Saint Mary-of-the-Woods.

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