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Gathering celebrates hidden women from scripture

Gloria and Monica, age 9, of Providence in the Desert, attended the July 31 "Hidden women of the lectionary" gathering.

Gloria and Monica, age 9, of Providence in the Desert, attended the July 31 “Hidden women of the lectionary” gathering.

A prayer and praise service celebrating “Hidden Women of the Lectionary” in honor of the feast of Mary of Magdala was held at Providence in the Desert on July 31, 2014.

Attending the candlelight service were Sisters of Providence, Providence Associates and women religious of Rochester Franciscans, Marist Missionaries and Sisters for Christian Community, all congregations that minister in the Coachella Valley.

Also attending were Providence in the Desert volunteers, including 9-year-old Monica. It was her first time to hear of these little-known women of Hebrew Scripture and women of Christian Scripture.

Selected readings and songs of praise honored our foremothers in faith who were witnesses, leaders, deacons, prophetesses, theologians: holy women of our past lineage whose stories we never hear read in our church.

An evening meal followed with cake & ice cream to celebrate Marilu Covani’s birthday.

It was a celebration of prayer, praise and thanksgiving at Providence in the Desert.

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Pat Ruck

Providence Associate Pat Ruck of Ranch Mission Viejo, California, first met the Sisters of Providence in the 1960s through her husband’s sister, Sister Mary Lou Ruck. Pat made her first commitment as a Providence Associate in 2008. “My commitment of ongoing study, prayer and actions of love, mercy and justice are woven as I journey with Sisters of Providence and Providence Associates. We come together to share the energy, power and grace of Providence in our lives and our world,” Pat said.

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