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Gifts to Foley Legacy Fund support the underserved, SP mission

By Sister Ann Casper | May 2, 2023 |

Funding for a second social worker was described as “a game changer for our community,” at Providence Cristo Rey High School (PCR) in Indianapolis, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Providence. “The money enables PCR to have social worker personnel available to provide staff, parents and students a better understanding of factors (cultural, societal, economic, familial, health) affecting a student’s performance and behavior, crucial understandings for the low-income students and families that we serve.”

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Newsnotes from HOPE summer 2023

By Sisters of Providence | May 2, 2023 |

Volunteers stitch their way into our hearts Charla Evinger and Cheryl Murphy are co-owners of Mamas Mending in Marshall, Illinois, and also volunteers extraordinaire for the Sisters of Providence. When…

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Giving new life to plastic shopping bags

By Sister Cathy Campbell | May 2, 2023 |

Retired Sisters of Providence in the Lourdes Hall Assisted Living Residence of Providence Health Care are transforming plastic grocery and shopping bags into warm sleeping mats. Homeless residents of the Terre Haute area can use these to stretch out and sleep on at night.

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Sister Carolyn Bouchard’s woodshop: a place of creativity and prayer

By Amy Miranda | May 2, 2023 |

“Woodworking is a kind of metaphor for ways I have always sought out and found God,” Sister Carolyn said. “What I do with wood I have done in many other ways throughout my personal and ministerial life.”

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Tales of unexpected blessings

By Jason Moon | May 2, 2023 |

“Who knew that I would be calling my cane ‘an unexpected blessing?’ But I have come to realize what a friend it is!”

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Giving the gift of self: Sister Carol Meyers

By Sister Cathy Campbell | May 2, 2023 |

Now ministering as a parish volunteer and parish council member, literacy tutor and Montessori school substitute, Sister Carol proudly notes that she has taught as a full-time teacher at every level from elementary school through college except for the high school level.

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Growing the gift of flowers

By Mary Riley | May 2, 2023 |

While receiving flowers is a gift, growing them knowing they might make someone’s day a bit brighter is definitely a blessing.

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Moving toward the Reign of God with mutual sharing

By Sister Corbin Hannah | May 2, 2023 |

As disciples of Jesus, the Sisters of Providence endeavor to build a community that reflects these Gospel values. We follow Jesus’ example by communally organizing ourselves so that everyone receives what they need and contributes what they can.

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Former Sisters of Providence a gift to the Church and society

By Sister Janet Gilligan | May 2, 2023 |

Former sisters are living evidence of the unexpected gifts those who have been immersed in the Providence Community take with them wherever they go.

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Gifts that keep on giving

By Cami Pritchett | May 2, 2023 |

Most importantly, she gave because she believes in the work of the sisters, past and present. Her gift allowed her the opportunity to be a part of that work and to honor two women whom she admires greatly.

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Newsnotes from winter 2023 HOPE magazine

By Sisters of Providence | January 12, 2023 |

Catch up on the latest news and happenings from the Sisters of Providence!

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Sisters of Providence presence expanding at the border

By Sister Denise Wilkinson | January 12, 2023 |

Although Tracey’s enthusiasm for her ministry never waned, “the distance and separation from community and family had been hard. I knew I would need support from my sisters … so I extended an invitation to join me here in Nogales.” Sisters Marilú Covani, SP, and Nancy Bartasavich, SP, accepted that invitation.

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Here you will find wonderful content from the Sisters of Providence. The articles here all appeared in HOPE magazine. The Sisters of Providence publish HOPE three times a year to share the mission, spirituality and ministries of the Sisters of Providence. Enjoy!

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