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Former teacher influences a career in environmental law

When I took biology from sister she was still in the full habit, and I’ve recounted many times the vivid image I have of her rolling up her sleeves, hiking up her skirt and tucking it in to her waist (she looked like she had big pantaloons) so she could lead us up and down the creek bed to explore and take samples.


ROSEMARY GLASS SPALDING is Board President of Earth Charter Indiana and practices environmental law at SPALDING& HILMES, PC, law firm in Indianapolis. In 2012 Rosemary was named “Legal Advocate of the Year” by the Hoosier Environmental Council. She is a 1968 graduate of Ladywood High School in Indianapolis which was run by the Sisters of Providence until 1976. Rosemary lives with her husband, Mark, in the Irvington area of Indianapolis.