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How Taizé changed my life

I’ve spent the last two years teaching at Ben Davis High School, commuting from the east side of Terre Haute to the west side of Indianapolis — an hour and fifteen minutes each way on Interstate-70, 70-something miles an hour. I left before 6:30 every morning and, since I typically planned or graded after school…


Beth Duley grew up in Terre Haute, earned a bachelor's degree at Taylor University and a master's degree at Indiana State University. She has been teaching English ever since. She spent 17 years teaching at Turkey Run High School before moving to Valparaiso to teach in charter schools in Gary and then South Bend. Recently she returned to Terre Haute to teach at Ben Davis in Indianapolis and is now adjusting to the shorter commute and slower pace of Rockville High School. Beth and her partner are active members at Central Christian Church.